Geraci’s – Cleveland, OH

Since the husband and I WERE in Cleveland, we decided to stalk my chef boyfriend, Michael Symon, and eat at either of his restaurants, Lola or Lolita.

Well – that was our intent. Reality is that his restaurants aren’t open for weekend lunch. My heart broke. ūüė¶ Oh, Michael, it just wasn’t meant to be.

So, we moved to Plan B –>stalk a Diners, Drive-ins and Dives restaurant, Geraci’s! You’d think, after the pizza week, that I had, that I would have ZERO interest in pizza. WRONG. When pizza is done right, it’s one of my favorite comfort foods!

The husband and I left the hotel and were the first people in Geraci’s. Fabulous¬†atmosphere¬† Cozy and warm – all the charm of old world Italy but clean and modern, too. There were 2 older Italian men (I think 1 was the owner), chilling at a table. They both greeted us as we walked in.

Sadly, we knew what we wanted to order, right away. I *maybe* memorized the menu before we got there. Maybe.

Since the meatballs were suggested on Triple D, we went with those (2) as an appetizer. (My advice…click on all the pics, to make them bigger.)

Geraci's Meatballs

Geraci's Meatballs 2

The sauce was AWESOME. Just really simple but still full of flavor. You know how I know it was good? Husband was grabbing the bread…

Geraci's Bread

…and snagging all the sauce with it! If you know how protective I am about my sauce, you’d realize how much it pissed me off!

The meatballs were pretty good – a little dry but great flavor.

We ordered a Large pizza with pepperoni and homemade sausage. I’m, typically, opposed to most sausages and I’m VERY picky. I wanted to LOVE it.

Geraci's Pizza

Geraci's Pizza 2

Just take a minute. Soak the pictures in. THAT is what pizza should look like! (Missing pieces because our server was awesome and served us the first 2!)

Geraci's slice

Geraci's slice 2

Words can’t even describe how frickin’ delicious it was. I wanted to close my eyes and just savor each bite. It WAS everything that pizza was meant to be. Not this crap that Cincinnati puts out. (Yeah, I said it!) The pepperoni was nice and thick. The sausage was fantastic – crumbly and spicy. I told the husband, “THIS is what I talk about when I say I like sausage.” I think he finally “got it”.

The sauce had layers of flavor but nothing was overpowering. ALL perfect elements. Perfect amount of cheese. The crust was crispy but still a little chewy, in the center.

Perfect. Literally, perfect. (BTW – the hubby agreed)

Everyone told us goodbye, after we paid. (And, the owner asked us how everything was and when we replied ‘awesome’, he said, “the best pizza in Cleveland!”) Love it.

We got in our car and headed toward home. It made us sad that we don’t have restaurants like this around us. Mega, utterly, sad.

Geraci’s has ruined us for all other pizza. My advice – next time you’re near Cleveland, experience Geraci’s.

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