Marco’s – eh…it’s not getting a “Polo!”

So, I, usually, don’t have too many bad things to say about Marco’s. While I don’t find it to be fabulous pizza (minus the thin crust), it’s, certainly not, BAD pizza. My first choice? No. But, we had some coupons and we had Pizza Hut a few nights before. <– IN MY DEFENSE – I was cooking all week. The kids were lucky that we got pizza and not spaghettio’s or cereal!

I don’t understand why some coupons have coupon codes, that you can use online and others, don’t. You know what that means? I have to call it in. Okay – when the teen boy, who is answering the phone, sounds clueless…that’s probably my first bad sign. Ugh.

I so love online ordering.

This is what I ordered – a Large Thick Crust Cheese, a Large Original Crust Meat Supremo (no ham) and an order of Chicken Bites (the girl). Believe me, when I say that it was PAINFUL ordering. It was also painful to realize that without the coupon, my order would have been $45!

What I GOT was – a Large THIN cheese pizza (WRONG), a Large THICK Meat pizza (WRONG) and the chicken bites (RIGHT). Seriously? This isn’t brain surgery, people. It’s pizza. Mikey was pissed that his pizza was thin crust. And, I was pissed that my pizza was thick crust. The husband didn’t really care. 🙂

So, here they are…in all of their wrong “glory”…

Marco's Cheese 2

Marco's Meat 2

And, the chicken bites were boring, so I didn’t take a pic of those. It was fine – but, again, DRY.

We don’t, regularly, order Marco’s, so I didn’t feel the need to call them and let them know that they got it all wrong. I just know that I should ALWAYS order online!

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