My lazy day in Cleveland – well, Solon, OH (Zoup!)

I probably had one of the busiest weeks, of my life, last week. Again, NOT complaining – I love what I do. But, I was still tired by the end of it. 🙂

The husband’s work Christmas Party was in Cleveland and you know what that means? Yep! We got to leave the kiddies and get a hotel room and just CHILL. Well, I got to chill – he got to attend meetings!

What did I choose to do with my time? Well, this…

Zoup Me

Yes, we checked in. He drove to a meeting and I walked to Zoup!, with a book, in hand. I’m nerdy like that and I fully accept that part of me. In fact, I embrace it.

Zoup! has Soup, Salad and Sandwiches – LOVE the concept! I’m always down for some good soup. I can’t remember ALL of the soups that they had but, it was about 10 different types. They DO let you sample, freely. But, I just ordered the Lobster Bisque (please get all Seinfeld jokes out of the way now…) and a 1/2 Cobb Salad.


Zoup 3

Zoup 4

Conceptually, brilliant. With a menu, so simple, it must be perfect. Was it? Nope – not really. The Lobster Bisque had zero flavor depth. And, the lobster was tough. Thought it was nice that they served bread but they had no crackers? Weird that no crackers are to be had at a soup place…

The Cobb Salad was pretty sad, too. The chicken wasn’t very good – kind of tough around the edges. The bacon tasted like it came from a bag. And, the ranch was bottled, too. Seriously? You make a handful of things. It should be amazing!

BUT – I was out of town. Kidless. Multiple books in hand. A warm bed waiting for me, in the QUIET hotel room. And, I got to people watch. <– I spent about 90 minutes in Zoup! Nope, not lying. I’m that capable of studying people for that long. I count that day as a definite WIN.

After I walked back to the hotel, I climbed into bed, with my book and napped until it was time to get ready for the party. I enjoyed that day, immensely.

I’d like to give Zoup! another try. There is a Cincinnati location. But, I’ll avoid the Lobster Bisque…

Zoup! Fresh Soup Company on Urbanspoon

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