Going out with a BANG (bang) – Bonefish Grill (Crescent Springs)

Yes, I’ve been to Bonefish Grill, numerous times. I really like it. Okay, I love it.

This is where we spent our last night of 2012. (We did try to get into a Jeff Ruby restaurant but, even 2 months ago, they were fully booked for NYE – whatever, Jeff.)

Mike and I went with our bestie couple – and the bonus? We got reservations for 5:15, no issues! That’s what I like. Also, our friends have never been to Bonefish – I was really excited for them to try Bang Bang Shrimp. <–and, I might talk about it, incessantly.

I never vary. I always get Sea Bass and that’s what I had my heart set on!

We started off with the Bang Bang Shrimp (okay, maybe 2, since each couple got an order!)

Bonefish Bang Bang

Let’s just say – it was bang bang delicious, as always. Seriously, it’s one of life’s perfect foods. I’ve tried to replicate it and I just can’t. So, I’ll continue getting it from Bonefish!

And, our friends LOVED it, too. I was glad because I really hyped up the Bang Bang Shrimp. (BTW – Wednesdays, they have $5 Bang Bang Shrimp, all day!) I wonder how many times I can say Bang Bang?

Kind of funny – everyone, but me, ordered off the specials menu!

Oh, but first things first…Mike got a Caesar Salad (of course!) I ate so much shrimp that I didn’t want a bite!

Bonefish Caesar 2

Bread! The bread is average but the dipping oil is awesome!

Bonefish Bread

Okay, like I said…everyone ordered the “specials”, except for me!

Lobster Thermidor Dorado

Bonefish Lobster Thermador 2

(BTW – lighting was a little low…)

Spinach Bacon Gorgonzola Atlantic Salmon

Bonefish Salmon

Imperial Wolf Fish

Bonefish Wolf Fish

And, mine…the Sea Bass with lemon butter sauce and chimichurri sauce.

Bonefish Sea Bass 2

I’m a huge fan of the Sea Bass – it’s my all time favorite fish. The MIDDLE of the fish, was perfect. The edges? Yeah…those were burned. Kind of disappointing but, like I said, I ate the middle and was happy. Plus, lots of sauces on the side? That’s my heaven!

Their vegetable of the day was spaghetti squash – yeah, Bonefish…could you pick a worse vegetable?!?! I booted that for the vegetable medley you see above. My friends forgot and got that yellow blob that you see on the pics.

The great thing about having foodie friends (and fishy friends!), is that we all switched plates and bites! I’ll have to say, everything was really good. I was a smidgen partial to the Salmon. Whenever you can combine bacon, fish and gorgonzola, you’ve hit a home run!

Even though my fish was a little charred, I still really enjoyed my Bonefish experience.

What did these crazy 40 year olds (well, I’M not 40 yet, I’ve still got a few years!) do after dinner? Went back to our friends’ house, played cards, watched football and I made some chocolate fondue (with strawberries, bananas, pound cake, cheesecake, cinnamon graham sticks…) I so should have taken pictures. I’m still ecstatic that I got a fondue set, at a yard sale, for $3! Hells yah!

Also – this is my 100th post! I can’t believe that it all started with a fish fry dream and has turned into my happy place. It combines my 2 greatest loves (hobby loves!) – food and writing. I look forward to a new eating year!

I’m getting a new cookbook – Eat to Win, Eat to Lose (it’s the Biggest Loser’s Nutritionist’s cookbook). I don’t eat a LOT (meaning, quantity) but I need to start curbing WHAT I eat and I have to work out. Yes, Jillian Michael will be kicking my ass, beginning Monday! Maybe I’ll start posting some fun, healthy recipes – along with my weekend meal out.

This also means that I’m on an ice cream ban. <–which really IS my only “sweets” downfall!

So, if I start twitching, it’s because I miss my lime sodas from Graeter’s.

I have more posts, from Christmas eating, but…I wanted my 100th to be about Bonefish!

Happy New Year!

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