The Eating Season

I just *might* be sick of eating. Yes, I said it. I cooked a lot. I went out a lot. I ate a lot. And, I feel like I slug. Or sloth. Whatever’s slower and fatter.

I’m sick of cookies. I’m sick of candy. I’m sick of snacks. And, I’m sick of spending money. I’m looking forward to going to the store on Friday – to reload with healthy (veggies!) foods. And, I swear that I have the never-ending candy bowl. The second that I think it’s getting lower, someone else hands me more candy! Go away!

I’ve eaten at so many places that I didn’t take pictures of – Red Lobster and Red Robin. Frisch’s (in my defense, only because I wanted soup) and Skyline. City BBQ (which, in case you were wondering, I find to be average) and Olive Garden (again, average). Oh, yeah, Wild Mike’s was in there, somewhere, too. (I do love me some Wild Mike’s)

I’ve also made a ridiculous amount of food – seriously, there are no breaks for the cooking girl.

I guess I’ll start with Christmas Dinner – Menu = Ham (puke), Prime Rib, Au Gratin Potatoes, Green Beans, Rolls and Salad. 

Christmas Salad 2

Christmas Ham

Christmas Potatoes

Christmas Sauces

It was my first time out, making Prime Rib – let’s just say, the recipe that I used was WAY off with the times. So, I was irritated and didn’t get a picture of it. It threw off my organization and made me angry. However, I forgave it when I ate it. BTW – MY ham wasn’t gross, I just don’t like ANY ham.

Hold up! I forgot about Christmas Breakfast! Menu = Biscuits and Sausage Gravy, Egg Casserole, Hash Brown Casserole, Bacon and Goetta.

Sausage gravy

Egg casserole

Those aren’t marshmallows, in the egg casserole, it’s cream cheese. I didn’t like this casserole – my Pioneer Woman Girlfriend, let me down. 😦

Hash brown casserole

And, I didn’t take pics of goetta and bacon. It’s pretty basic.

Okay – so, where was I?

Oh, yeah, lots of restaurants – Mike and I had a shopping day, post-Christmas. We went to Rookwood and stopped at Max and Erma’s first. Yes, been there – and, it’s always okay. The one thing I do love is their Chicken Tortilla Soup.

Max and Erma Chix Tortilla

The husband, who is NOT a soup guy, loves it, too!

I got a small Nachos – they were “eh”. Not enough cheese. I should have just stuck with the soup.

Max and Erma Nachos 2

Mike got the Tomato Mozzarella Chicken Sandwich

Max and Erma Chix Sand

He really liked it and forced me to take a bite. I wasn’t as in love as he was. I thought the chicken needed to be breaded. He disagreed. But, he doesn’t have super tastebuds (it’s true!) like me.

Max & Erma's on Urbanspoon

So, we ate and then bought some stuff at Steinmart. (BTW – to all the jean creators out there – 40-year-old men don’t want SKINNY jeans! But, I digress with the skinny jean tirade)

Back to cooking. I got some reprieves until New Year’s Day – my goal was to snack all day. I achieved that goal.

We started with some Bacon Wrapped Brown Sugar Smokies. Or, as I call them, Pork Candy.

NY Day Wienies

It’s sad how simple they are. And, they are so damn good.

Moved on to Fried Mozzarella Balls ( we had those on Christmas Eve, too)

NY Day Mozz Balls

Next round was Stromboli – yes, homemade dough and homemade pizza sauce, too! (this is a pic of the veggies, in the veggie Stromboli)

NY Day Veggies

NY Day Veggie Stromboli

NY Day Meat Stromboli

What can I say? I so should have been Italian.

I did a last call with French Fries (no pic) – even those that professed to NOT be hungry, still managed to shovel down some extra crispy, extra salty fries.

I’m happy to be in a normal routine again. A girl cannot live on appetizers and restaurants alone.

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