The Silver Spring House – Symmes Township

Because we just had a quick lunch at The Silver Spring House – I’ll post pics. I don’t know that it’s fair to fully review since I just got soup and salad! Yes, I AM always on the hunt down for perfect soup. I’m a soup addict.

The husband got…a cup of chili and a grilled chicken salad (he’s going to turn into a chicken)

silver spring house chili

SS House Chicken Salad

The soup of the day was chicken dumpling (yum!) – so, I got a cup and a house salad.

SS House chicken soup 2

Soup was very good – needed some salt. (of course, I say that about most things!)

SS House house salad 2

Okay – the salad had goat cheese on it. Win! Can you ever go WRONG with goat cheese? (the correct answer is NO)

I probably should have just gotten the cup of soup, though – I was full after and could only take a few bites (and steal all the goat cheese off) of the salad.

It was good. Lots of business type people. Senior citizens gathering for lunch. And, a married couple, still in love. 😉

Silver Spring House on Urbanspoon

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