Champions Grille – Western Hills

We usually try to avoid the west side bar scene, at all costs. But, there was some major football on and we needed some big screens and grub. I’ve never been to Champions Grille – their menu seemed a little more promising than other west side bar/pubs, so…there we went.

Scene – lots of middle-aged men. A couple of lesbians. Regulars at the bar. And, us. Typically, on the west side,  there are couples with lots of kids – they drink heavily while their kids run rampant. NONE of that here. Thank God. We decided it was because there weren’t video games. Smart move, Champions. (Yes, we’re cranky – our kids are older and we dislike chaos!)

Menu is pretty basic – but, not in a horrible way!

We started off with some Nachos Grande

Champ Nachos

They were…okay. Needed so much more cheese. Personally, I liked all the green onions and black olives but I can see why others wouldn’t. Mike thought that it was too much. It was also missing guacamole. Again, I’m not going to refuse most nachos but they could have been better.

I debated getting a burger because they have a really cool burger menu. It’s completely separate from the regular menu. You basically fill out a sheet and turn it in! Love it – all sorts of fun things to add to your burger! But, I didn’t want something that big.

I ended up with some Chicken Fingers

Champ Fingers


Ranch was gross. The chicken was boring and just frozen fingers. Again, NOT bad. Just not good.

Mike got a Turkey Club Sandwich with Onion Straws

Champ Turkey club


The onions straws were AWESOME – so good! I stole pretty many of them. He said the sandwich was fine – pretty much what you’d expect from a turkey club!

Regardless of the fact that the food wasn’t stupendous, I liked Champions Grille. It had a good atmosphere and they DO have a good menu, for a small grille and pub.


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2 thoughts on “Champions Grille – Western Hills

  1. You experienced the “New” Champions. The old one was WAY better! The old menu was so much bigger and yes they had video games which we loved! But they were hidden in the corner so not disturbing. I am not a fan of the new one at all.

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