Longhorn Steakhouse – Western Hills

Yes, been to Longhorn many a time. Hell, I used to work there 15 years ago. (I can’t believe I’m that old?) I think they have average steaks. Their steaks ARE fresh. And, I LOVE their salmon. They do some things really well.

Since it was just the boy and I, for post-church lunch, today – I decided to give my little man some steak. Yeah, mom can be cool.

I dislike that so many restaurants don’t “do” weekend lunch. Everything’s dinner – what kind of crap is that? But, oh well – what can you do?

Mikey and I had a bread debate. He likes Longhorn’s bread.

Longhorn bread

I think Outback’s is better (worked there, too). Of course, Mikey told me that Texas Roadhouse’s bread is the best. Oh, boy.

I started with a cup of soup – their new Cheddar Asiago Broccoli

Longhorn soup

It was pretty good. Very cheesy but the broccoli was tough.

Mikey refused a salad with his steak – of course. He got an 8oz Renegade with a baked potato and side of fries. Mmmm…carbs. I mean, it’s crazy to get a salad, right?

Longhorn steak


It was a big old thick steak – I had to cut it for him. He feels like he loses his man card when that happens. But, there was no way he was sawing through that sucker. It was tough. Again, I don’t know that I can be fair here. I’m a steak snob and will only eat it at Eddie Merlot’s. (which, I promised the boy that we’d go there for his b-day, this year!) Mikey loved the steak. That’s all that matters.

I’ve been on a Chicken Finger roll. The real reason I wanted to come here is because Longhorn has some really delicious chicken fingers. Believe it or not! Plus, their honey mustard is highly addictive.

Longhorn fingers


Yep, just as tasty as ever. See? I’m a simple girl. I can eat kiddie food with the rest of them!

Service was great – she was sparkly and always had refills for the boy! But, the hostess left a lot to be desired. There’s never a sense of urgency, these days. She answered the phone twice, while we were standing there, waiting for our table. La la la. But, coming from church…I kept my loving face on. 😉


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