Montgomery Inn – Boathouse

I live in Cincinnati. Of course I’ve been to Montgomery Inn! I know I may be bucking the trend here but I don’t *love* their ribs. They’re fine. Their BBQ sauce is okay.

Now that I think about it, I DO make a horrible Cincinnati native. Hate Larosa’s. Find Montgomery Inn to be average. Despise Frisch’s.  I do, absolutely, LOVE me some Graeter’s, however!

We met some friends, at the Boathouse, a few nights ago – LOVE getting out with other adults! 🙂 And, since we had a reservation, there was no waiting involved. I’ll have to say though that they have a clusterpluckish system. People mill around everywhere and then you have to “ask” for the person who is going to seat you, by name? Is this a Hostess Scavenger Hunt?

Did I mention that I was RAVENOUS?

We started off with some Onion Straws

Mont Inn onion straws


While I love nicer restaurants, the low lighting is never conducive to good picture taking!

Onion straws were fantastic – I don’t mind the BBQ sauce as a dipping sauce.

Cup of Potato Soup

Mont Inn Pot soup 3 best


It was very good – more like a baked potato soup. Needed a ton more salt <–of course, I say that about most things!

And, then, I got the appetizer version of the Gulf Shrimp Cantonese, as my entree…

Mont Inn shrimp 3


Love love love it! Mostly because the plum sauce is AMAZING! I did know, going in, what I wanted. It’s NEVER ribs. 😉 I know the husband was eyeballing my shrimp but I made him focus on his ribs!

Mont Inn Ribs Best


He’s a good daddy and brought home half to our daughter.

Other items of the night…

Ribs and Mahi

Mont Inn Ribs and Mahi


Ribs and Chicken

Mont Inn Ribs and Chicken


Chicken Caesar Salad

Mont Inn Chicken Caesar


And, for the finale…

Caramel Volcano (our friends shared this)

Mont Inn Carm Volcano


And, the husband let me have 2 bites of his Chocolate Volcano

Mont Inn Choc Volcano


HE thought it was awesome. I really liked the fudge on top – thought the cake was lacking. Mike STRONGLY disagreed. But, he’s not picky when it comes to chocolate. I am. Oh well…I got my 2 bites and was happy.

Service – I didn’t notice because I was so focused on being hungry but everyone else thought that our server was snobby and cold. Of course, we don’t need our servers to be our besties but it’s nice to think that the server wants you there, sitting in her section. It was a race from start to finish and she plucked the credit card receipts right out from under our noses – HATE that. I had a feeling that she was cut and was sending us hints to get out. Keep in mind, we were NOT lingering – we ate in a normal, timely fashion!

I do enjoy going to the Boathouse. I enjoy going out to dinner with friends – the night was a definite WIN. And, I REALLY enjoy valet. 😉

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