Mitchell’s Fish Market – West Chester

Again, Mitchell’s Fish Market is one of those restaurants that my husband has been to a thousand times and NEVER thinks to take me to. But, I’m not bitter. Really. I mean, it’s not like I worship fish or anything…

Since Mike wanted to shop for some golf apparel (because he needs another golf shirt, like he needs a hole in his head!), we went to the Mitchell’s in West Chester. Okay, NOT that I expected it to be empty at 5:30 on a Saturday night, but, I didn’t expect them to take ALL reservations and maybe fit the walk-ins, in! There wasn’t a soul in the lobby, when we got there, but we were still quoted 30-45 minutes. It was sort of like being in the Twilight Zone. Mike decided to hate the hostess.

Right on 30 minutes, we were sat…in the noisy bar area but beggars can’t be choosers. 😉

Okay – I don’t love their menu. I like their fish choices and I think they have a ton of them. But, I don’t like the 2 styles you can get the fish in – Shang Hai or the New Orleans Style. I feel like there needs to be more sauce choices for ALL the fish, not just a select few. However, I sucked it up and made a choice!

Everyone gets bread

Mitchell's Bread

I ordered a cup of Lobster Bisque.

Mitchell's Lobster Bisque

It wasn’t very good. Very one note – no depth of flavor. I wouldn’t order it again.

Oh, yeah, Mikey went with us, on date night! And, you know what my boy got? A BURGER! (you knew he wasn’t eating fish!)

Mitchell's Burger

Mike got the Yellowfin Tuna – he had way too much fun with his wasabi.

Mitchell's Tuna

He loved the hoisin glaze (I was jealous of it – I love me some hoisin!)

I got the Chilean Sea Bass (of course), Blackened Style.

Mitchell's Sea Bass

The sea bass was cooked perfectly! It was amazing. The sauce that it was in – horrible. I moved the fish to the other side of the plate. The green beans were way waxy and I ate only ONE. The red beans and rice were really tasty. I loved the sea bass but next time, I’ll ask for the citrus sauce and just refuse the whole “blackened or shang hai” thing. I wish I could have blended the sea bass at Mitchell’s and the sauce choices at Bonefish!

BTW – service was great. Fast and prompt without being annoying. (I feel like I ignore the service, if it’s good and only mention it, if it’s bad. I’m trying to stop doing that!)

Overall, I liked Mitchell’s and I’d definitely go there again. I’ll just know better next time.

It was a good night out, though, with my 2 boys.

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