All by myself (please sing in a sad, sad voice)

Just kidding! I enjoy my alone time. Especially when I’m feeling like I’ve been hit by a truck, like I did yesterday! I didn’t feel “sick” but just worn out. I needed my day of rest. There was no grocery store, for me – I went to the library (I *might* have had 14 books waiting for me…) and stopped by Bridgetown Finer Meats. I was so excited because they started their annual Fish Fry but…I just wasn’t that hungry.

I did, however, grab some Lobster Bisque. I never turn down soup!

BFM Lobster Bisque

Yes, that’s MY soup mug…not the container that it came in. It was a healthy portion – bowl size, maybe bigger? Very good – great depth of flavor. VERY rich.

Dinner time – My baby boy was at a school function, the husband was playing cards and the teen girl was out, doing Lord knows what! So, I took the opportunity to order my FREE Papa John’s Pizza. Apparently, everyone else did, too!

Papa John’s was NOT on top of their game, last night. It took an HOUR for my ONE pizza, to get here. And, when it got here, it was cold and the cheese was already hardening!

Papa Johns

Yeah – it tasted as bad as it looked. Thank God for garlic butter.

I did get some good reading in. And, once my boy got home, he was back in position, on the opposite side of the couch.

Next week starts Lent! I’ll be at Visitation, next Friday! Get out there and support your local fish fry organizations! (and, send me pics!)

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