Naked Tchopstix – Newport on the Levee

We (meaning, the husband and I) are sick of the same food and restaurants. I’ve decided that I’m going to have us both write down restaurants that we want to try – put them in a book and when it comes to Saturday date night, we pick one out. (Mike thinks this is a dumb idea but…he’s a guy and isn’t on pinterest, so what does he know anyway?)

After trying to get last-minute reservations, at a couple of our fav stand-bys, I said, “screw it, we’re going Asian ” No, not typically, my first choice but I know the husband likes it. If I couldn’t get my favorite Mexican, I didn’t care what we ate!

So – we ended up at Naked Tchopstix, on Newport on the Levee. I liked the funky looking atmosphere and the menu looked fun. Yes, I’m easily amused.

After using valet (everywhere you go has valet – bonus points if you know what movie that’s from!), we got right into Naked Tchopstix. They weren’t very busy. Of course, it was freezing out so I don’t know that there were a lot of people on the Levee!

I suppose if you aren’t a menu stalker, like me, that the menu might be a little overwhelming. I really wanted some pommes frites (which is totally french…) because I liked all the dipping sauce choices but the husband told me that if I wanted fries, I could have saved him some money and we could have gone to McD’s. Hmmm – whatever.

So, I talked him into some sushi. Yes, I’m aware that I, usually, tirade against sushi. I don’t love that it’s trendy but some of it IS good. (still NOT eating raw octopus or eel – sorry! I’m not a frickin’ mermaid!) But, we got MANLY sushi.


Playboy sushi on fire


Yes, it involved being caught, on fire! Does it get more manly than flames?!?!

Playboy sushi better

To me, it was like sushi kebob. Kind of had the bbq taste to it – without the bbq. I liked it but I would have preferred the non-flames type. Mike liked the flames but I do think that he’s willing to try other types now! Plus, he’s a sucker for wasabi, just like I am!

He wanted something with heat (meaning, spicy) so he ordered the…

Spicy Seafood

Spicy Seafood


He really liked it – even ate the calamari pieces. He did comment that the fish was overdone but, overall, it was tasty. I stole a bite and it did have some heat!

I got the Pow Pow Shrimp as an entrée…

Pow Pow shrimp


I thought it was gross. I was expecting something resembling Bang Bang Shrimp (God love Bonefish) but…it was more sweet’n’sour jelly-ish. The shrimp wasn’t crispy and the taste and texture was just…off. Mike thought it was good. Hmph. He told me that I needed to quit comparing everything to Bang Bang Shrimp. Well, guess what? I can’t! 😉

And, because I am a dumpling whore, I also ordered the…

Shumai Pork

Shumai Pork


Yep – they WERE tasty balls of wasabi pork deliciousness. They got a thumbs up!

Our server was pretty good – he disappeared, occasionally, and then would pop up at just the right moment. (meaning, before we died of thirst) <– Oh, yeah, we both thought that the drinks tasted dirty. They need to clean their soda lines!

All in all, it was a good experience and I, definitely, would go again!




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