New McDonald’s Fish McBites

I do love fish. And, I know that the Filet’o’fish isn’t exactly the best fish sandwich out there. But, it’s comfortable and homey, even if it’s not, technically, delicious. Kind of generic so even those that don’t love fish can, usually, eat the Filet’o’fish!

So – conceptually, the Fish McBites were a good idea. Of course, I’m not sure how many kids are choosing fish but…whatever.

I was in a hurry, last week, and for dinner, decided to swing by McD’s for the Fish McBites.

Fish McBites


They should change the name to Fish McNasties. They were horrible. MINCED fish doesn’t do well in little ball-like forms. And, the tartar sauce is only good when a bun is involved.

I was wondering and now I know. I’ll never have to eat those little nasties again!

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