Spam – not just for white bread anymore

I have a confession. I love Spam. I’m a child of the ’80’s. Fast food was far and few between so what did a family have on Saturday afternoons, for lunch? Spam. Yep, sliced Spam, cooked until slightly crispy, slapped on some white bread with ketchup. Classy. And, you know what? I LOVED it. I still love it.

At work – we had an Iron Chef competition. Since I AM the final round, I couldn’t compete but…I still wanted to make something! And, since no one picked Spam, that was what I was going for…in dessert form!

One great thing about being a writer and reading a ton, I have imagination that you wouldn’t believe. You’d probably be scared if you lived in my brain for a day. It’s always on full throttle.

So – where does my crazy mind go? Cupcakes (of course!) This is what I came up with – I call them Luau Cupcakes (yes, people, in Hawaii, REALLY eat Spam a lot)

We need cupcakes! Pineapple cupcakes!

Cupcakes 1


We need brown sugar glaze!

Cupcakes 2


Some yummy cream cheese icing.

Cupcakes 3


Normally, I could stop right there. But, we need some SPAM, baby!

Spam can


Mmm Spam


And, I’ll have you know, NOTHING jelly like came out. This Spam is clean.

My idea was to bake the spam, in brown sugar – so, it formed a crunchy glaze. Then, I would crumbled the spam to make sprinkles.

Spam on sheetSpam with brown sugar


In theory, that worked. In reality, it burned. Plan B!

I chopped the Spam, into diced chunks.

Spam in pan


I added some brown sugar, at the end and this is what I got!

Spam sprinkles


Success! We have a win, people! And, here is what a SPAM CUPCAKE looks like…

Cupcakes finished!


And, they were, actually, pretty good. Kind of like pineapple upside down cake with bacon.

But, I don’t know that they’ll ever be requested again…

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