Fish Fries 2013 – Our Lady of Visitation

Yes! It’s that time of year again! (Can you believe it?) Time to visit your local fish fries!!! This is my 3rd year, reviewing Fish Fries, and I still love it. (And, I’ve only left the west side ONCE) I have a feeling I could be over here, reviewing, for a few more years. 😉

Mikey is ON BOARD, this year. Well, not with eating the fish. But, with not complaining every time we go to one. Yes, this is progress, people.

Real quick – Mike, FINALLY, tried a glorious Bridgetown Finer Meat fish sandwich. I could tell you what he said about it but I’d have to bleep some of the more descriptive words. Let’s just say he really, really liked it. I feel validated. And, I’m sure he felt like those carbs were worth it.

So – where did I go tonight? Our Lady of Visitation! Their Fish Fry is run by the Knights of Columbus and here is the menu (click on the cute fish). I’ve never been to Visitation so I was worried that I wouldn’t know where to go. You know what? They had signs pointing you in the right direction. LOVE that.

Again, I love how welcoming everyone is. I chatted with the woman, taking our order, for a few. After some going back and forth (and back and forth again), I decided on a fish sandwich (NOT the bellybuster) and a side of bayou bites <–they were a special tonight. Fried jalapenos! They had so many great side choices!

You know, one thing I notice, when the Knights of Columbus host the fish fries, it seems like the food is better? The kitchen guys were way getting into it. Love the enthusiasm. Oh! They had some GREAT looking salads – I thought about grabbing one but realized that I’d have too much food, as it was!

The boy, of course, got nothing. How is he my child?

Fish Sandwich, on Rye and Bayou Bites ($7.25, with drink)

Visitation Fish


The fish was fantastic. I even convinced Mikey to take a bite and will wonders never cease…he kept the rest and ate it! The bayou bites were tasty – I didn’t really like the sauce that they served with them. My other 2 “complaints” were 1. the tartar sauce came in packets. Not good at all. It really took away from the tastiness of the fish. 2. No malt vinegar. <–yes, that’s a petty one.

But, all in all, probably one of my favorite fish fries. They had great menu choices. You could tell the cooks were all about making great food. The “workers” were nice and friendly and ready to talk. I’d go back (if I didn’t have a thousand more to visit).

So – go in peace and eat fish!

Almost forgot – I had to pick up pizza, for Mikey, on the way home (BTW, Visitation had some REALLY tasty looking Trotta’s!).

Pizza Hut – Cheese Pan

Pizza Hut


He was a happy boy!

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