Valentine’s Dinner – Tom + Chee

Yes, I’m easy. I suppose I should say “simple” there. 😉

I’ve been craving some grilled sandwiches – sandwiches that I don’t have to make! (that would be KEY)

So, I let the husband off the hook, a bit, money-wise, at least! He did give me the “um, are you sure you want Tom + Chee for V-day” look but…$16 compared to $50+ –> he wasn’t protesting too loudly!

What did we get this time?

Wait a second – I have to address something. The ordering system at Tom + Chee seems to inspire people to act like morons. The people, in front of us, probably took 10 minutes to order. We were ready to slam their heads against the counter. Seriously, if you can’t read the board and don’t know what you want…move over and let someone else go first. It’s never quick.

Okay – what we ordered!

 Spicy Beef – jalapeno chips, roast beef, hot peppers, pepper jack, cheddar and sour dough. (Mike liked it but still has his all-time fav as being the El Diablo)

Spicy Beef

My Guy Gardener (specials board) – tomato, pesto, mozz, goat cheese and white bread (I added bacon, of course)

Guy Gardener


I liked it – it had goat cheese and bacon…what’s not to like? But, my favoritest (yes, that’s a word) is still the Armagoetta.

I’ll have to say though – Tom + Chee has lost some of its original appeal. The soups are still horrible. The place attracts an “interesting” crowd. (interesting, meaning, annoying) I heard 2 tables say about their sandwiches “eh, it’s okay”. And, while I liked my sandwich, I can’t say that I loved it as much as I did when I first tried Tom + Chee?

Since it was our Valentine’s Day dinner, we splurged and got a Dessert Donut!

Smores Donut

Smores Donut


The grilled donut part was AWESOME – definitely inspired me to want to grill my own donuts! But, the chocolate was still rock hard. It needed to be slightly melted. Mike told me to shut up and eat it instead of critiquing it to death. 🙂

A great date because I was with the love of my life – but, I can’t say that I’m dying to get back to Tom + Chee any time soon. Not unless they start stepping up their game a little.

Our goal this week (for dinner date night ideas) – we’re each picking 5 restaurants that we want to try and those are the 10 that we’ll choose from, on Saturday nights!


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