Fish Fries 2013 – St. Antoninus

Big fish night, tonight! Not only did I have my Mikey with me, but the husband and my dad and step-mom. Woohoo! I love it when I have friends on the fish train!

However, Mike REALLY wanted to get Bridgetown Finer Meats Fish Sandwich again. I can’t say that I blame him. When I was new to their fish sandwich, I craved it, too. He told me that he gave me ONE fish fry and now he was getting his BFM fish from here on out, on Fridays.

I was really hoping to wow him with this fish fry. Can’t say that it happened. Last week’s , at Visitation, was awesome! This week, I hit up St. Antoninus and I think that I’m starting to prove my theory.–> Again, I hold nothing but love for the Boy Scouts but…I think that the fish fries go down, in a much different manner, when they run them.

It was a little disorganized. No signs pointing the way. No system for food grabbing. And, no way to get rid of your trays/garbage easily. The one thing that they did have going for them? (I wish I could say taste, but I’ll get to that later) Pricing. You got a fish dinner, with 2 sides for $7.

Which is what everyone in my group got. I was leaning toward the salmon, before I got there, but since I didn’t have a fish sandwich today, decided to get the fried fish. Got mac’n’cheese and onion rings, as my sides. On the menu linked above, it does read “soup” but no signs of it at the fish fry.

St. Ant fish


St. Ant mac'n'cheese


St. Ant Onion Rings


The onion rings and mac’n’cheese were pretty good. Mikey took over my pasta!

The fish – well, look at it. I’m just not a fan of the triangular minced fish. My dad thought it was pretty good. The rest of us thought it was “eh”. Packets of tartar sauce. No malt vinegar. Regular Rye. Eh.

Also…so…many…kids. I understand that it’s a family event but, seriously, kids running everywhere? The chaos should be at a minimum. If you’re there to work, then work.

Mikey didn’t like this fish so he got Pizza Hut, on the way home. Do I even need to tell you what it is?

Pan Cheese Pizza (surprise!)

PH cheese

It’s ugly. But, again, I didn’t have to eat it. And, it was only $10!

My fish fries started off so great, last week. Visitation set the bar pretty darn high! I hope that I’m not disappointed, from here on out!


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