Bobby’s Burger Palace – Horseshoe Casino

I don’t have a crush on Bobby Flay but I do love his cooking style! He loves his sauces and so do I. He likes simple perfection, in food, and so do I. He seems like a pretty cool guy and let’s face it…so am I. Well, except I’m not a guy.

The husband got preview tickets for Horseshoe Casino and, although, I wasn’t too excited about the gambling aspect…I was REALLY pumped that I could eat at Bobby’s Burger Palace. I love my husband. He knew that he didn’t stand a chance at trying for any of the other restaurants!

After we walked around the shiny casino, for a few, we got in line –> I’ll have to admit that ordering is odd. You order via a line, get a number and sit and someone brings your food. Kind of confusing as to whether it’s service or not?

I LOVED the set up of the restaurant – like a trendy diner with funky music.

Since it was our first time, I might have gotten a burger…and onions rings…and a milkshake…and an iced tea. Yes, I have decision-making issues.

What did we get? I say “we” because the husband and I liked the same 2 burgers, so we decided to split them! (he got fries)

Sat down to the fun diner type table…

Bobby's Burger Palace

The above is why I love Bobby. Sauces, sauces and sauces! On every damn table!

My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard…okay, I’ll stop.

Cola Milkshake

BBP Milkshake

At first, I thought my straw was an optical illusion. Nope – it’s HUGE! Again, love Bobby.

The shake was pretty good – like a coke float but, needed to be blended more. A little chunky. (and, I took the straw home with me)

Santa Fe Burger

BBP Santa Fe Burger

Spicy queso, pickles jalapenos and blue corn chips! Okay, I didn’t really like the bun choice (sorry, Bobby). And, Mike was irritated with me because as much as I bitch about queso, on nachos, I wanted REAL cheese on this burger. He told me to shut up. 😉

Philadelphia Burger

BBP Philadelphia Burger

Provolone (yah!), grilled onions and something else!

Holy pickles! They were HUGE!

The burgers were REALLY good – I don’t think that they were the BEST burgers that I’ve ever had but they were pretty tasty. The sauces above, as much as I was cheering for them, didn’t really do it for me. (ketchup, mustard, bobby’s burger sauce – like a steak sauce -, jalapeno hot sauce and chipotle ketchup) I asked for a side of mayo and life was good again.

Onion Rings

BBP Onion Rings

Please note that Bobby is NOT afraid to use salt. I won’t go into my salt tirade but I was just excited to see it present on an item that lives to be salted! Onion rings were delicious – crispy and the onion didn’t pop out in the first bite!

French Fries

BBP fries

Those were the real star of the show! What Five Guys fries SHOULD be! Crispy and salty, with a smushy give in the middle. Perfect! The sauce on the side was okay. I just used ketchup and was happy. The onion rings got seriously neglected for these!

With it being the preview night, “servers” were falling over themselves, making sure that we were happy. Hopefully, that will last!

Meal was good, casino was sparkly and new, we played some roulette and won $70 and left! Gotta know when to hold ’em, know when to fold ’em. Thank you, Kenny.

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