Fish Fries 2013 – St. Ignatius

Holy catching up to do. In addition to cupcakes, I, also, was sick Tues – Wed of last week. I think. I’m having trouble remembering those days through my fever-filled stupor.

I will admit this to you. Today, I was a little sick of fish. I know, I know. I profess to be a great lover of the delicious sea meat but, I don’t know. I had tilapia on Wednesday, I *might* have eaten a BFM fish sandwich today and was kind of dreading having to order fish, tonight. I REALLY wanted to get shrimp. Like, in a bad, bad way.

But, getting ahead of myself! Met the parents at St. Ignatius – they have been fish fry troopers! And, they are right there with me, in my opinions, too. I don’t think we’ve disagreed about a fish fry yet. See? Good taste buds. 😉

Okay – my first vent, right off the bat, I had NO clue where to go, for the fish fry. No signs, no “woohoo over here”, nothing. I kind of followed the stragglers. I did find it, of course, but some signage would be lovely for us non-parishioners!

Walked in and got to order right away. They have a very organized system. I did like that. Plus, got a 2-piece fish dinner (nope, wasn’t that hungry but it made sense since the boy wanted 2 sides) for $7!

At first, I really enjoyed the bingo style order pick up. You get a number. You wait, expectantly, at the food making table. A man with the magic microphone shouts a number and BINGO! Well, I didn’t bingo until 5 orders later, but, you get the point.

However, this way of doing things, ALSO, echoes throughout the entire hall. I have no clue how any of the seniors were hearing a damn thing. I could barely hear and I’m 37. Too small of a space for that big old fuzzy sound system.

I did love that they had a big condiment station. Didn’t love that they were all in packets. BUT, they did have malt vinegar. That’s a plus. As you should know by now. 😉

Oh – the parents veered and taunted me…they ordered the shrimp. (which, I didn’t get a pic of – sue me) I swear. They even told me it was awesome.

Here’s my fish, rye bread and sides that are hiding…

St. I's fish


No, that’s not an oil spill, underneath…that’s my malt vinegar. You guys thought I was joking. I could, totally, drink the stuff.

I ditched the bread and here’s a better picture.

St. I's fish better


The mac’n’cheese was good (needed salt). The fries were hit or miss. You’d get a really great hot and crispy one…and, then, a cold one.

The fish was very good. At times. I know that sounds weird but it was beer-battered and there would be some great bites of crispness. And, then, bites of too much batter and beer? My stepmom had a piece of mine and I blame myself, for her not liking it – I drenched it in vinegar. Oops. I like it but doesn’t mean that everyone else does!

The thing is…it’s a good fish fry but really crowded and they need a bigger space. Too many people, too many kids and just way too noisy.

BTW – I’ll leave the blogging alone for a few days. Promise.

Oh! I lied.

Mikey’s Pizza Hut Cheese Pizza

PH cheese better


That little hole, with no cheese, just confuses me. The pizza is just smothered in it but that little spot is just like, “nope, not happening here…”

Last week’s pizza – well, I’m raising a food critic, apparently. We got the same thing – Pizza Hut Pan Cheese. Mikey took a bite and told me that it tasted funny. I, of course, thought he was nuts. I took a bite and it DID taste different. They forgot to put the spice packet into the sauce? It was just really sweet tomato sauce and no seasonings. He ate like 1 piece and ignored the rest.

This week, all is right in the world…Pizza Hut’s sauce was back to normal.


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