Fish Fries 2013 – St. Martin of Tours

I just realized that I forgot to write about last week’s fish fry! I’ve been in a cupcake whirlwind so, please, forgive me.

St. Martin’s…brings back a lot of memories. Notice, that I didn’t say “fond” memories. Let’s just say, I don’t have a lot of love for those mean little Catholic school girls. Yeah, I hold grudges…got something to say about it?

But, I still wanted their fish fry, held in Harvest Home Park, to succeed. I know – it’s sick and twisted.

I was a smidgen skeptical…it WAS run by the boy scouts. Again, love those little boy scouts but, so far, their batting average hasn’t been so great.

Got to the door (it might have been freezing, that night, too) and a sweet little BS (that’s boy scout, btw) was holding the door open for everyone – nice!

I already committed myself to fish but I decided to go for the dinner because the boy wanted some mac’n’cheese. I got some green beans, too. I mean, I should have some green with that FRIED fish, right? It totally negates the calories.

Ordering was fast and EVERY child there had a job and was doing it! Way impressed that there was no running amok. Focused little workers! There was FRESH tartar sauce, malt vinegar, salt – we were off to a very good start!

St. Martin 2


It was a great deal – fish, 2 sides AND a dessert…$7, maybe? (I have no memory)

Here’s just the fish!

St. Martin fish


Please note – it is NOT the elusive triangle fish. This one is actually a fish!

It was crispy and fresh – but still tender. Loved the dark rye. Great tartar sauce and malt vinegar. The green beans tasted like they were, actually, homegrown and canned! Delicious. Mac’n’cheese needed some salt but, the boy didn’t care.

A very enjoyable fish fry!

I wouldn’t want to go back to Catholic grade school…but, I’d certainly return to their fish fry!

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