Price Hill Chili – Price Hill (sort of)

I’m a west side girl. YES, I have, of course, been to Price Hill Chili. (I don’t think I’d get my west side card if I haven’t!) But, truth be told…haven’t been there in years! Not that I don’t enjoy it, I just don’t like traveling that far up Glenway Ave.

Back in the day – that would be 30 years ago (shut up) – we would go to Sam’s (that’s what we called it then!), for Saturday night dinner. There weren’t any Applebee’s or Friday’s, in the 80’s…mom and pop restaurants were the norm. So, Sam’s would be our big night out. It was ONE room. Tiny grill in front. Simple diner food, done well. Chili, goetta, double deckers…west side staples. (I always got the Sam’s Salad – and, they STILL have it!)

The husband and I were going to see a play (musical, really) with my parents – yes, we got sucked into their oldie’s theater show. Since it was at the Covedale theater, we decided to go to PHC (that’s going to be Price Hill Chili, from now on, got it?).

I was immediately flooded with memories. Albeit, that ended shortly because PHC now takes up the WHOLE corner! How far they have come.

They were also on a wait – which, I was happy to see because I’d rather people support their local businesses than crappy chains.

Sat down, about 20 minutes later and we, quickly, ordered.

The husband got a Little Hippo.

PHC Little Hippo


Um, yum. See how thick that cheese is? He might have scarfed it (we were also in a hurry!)

I got the Rueben

PHC Reuben 2


It was really frickin’ delicious! Had GREAT cheese melt, just enough sauerkraut, tender meat, perfect grill and fabulous 1000 island! The husband ate my other half and loved it, too!

We shared Cheese Fries

PHC cheese fries


I’m sure some will disagree but I’m not a huge fan of the crinkle fry. And, for the love of God and all that’s holy, will restaurants salt their damn fries!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It was nice, having a Saturday night, date for about $20, too – that’s the added bonus!

My advice is to get out and support your local restaurants – the quality is better, the care level is much higher and you’re saving the world. (Not really, but it sounded good!)


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