Fish Fries 2013 – Visitation

Yep, you’re reading that correctly! I went back.

Well, I was going to go to St. Lawrence but my dad’s leery about Price Hill. It doesn’t scare me but…it’s all good. I think I’ll be going there on last Friday, in Lent. So, since I told him that Visitation was my favorite, so far, we decided to go again.

I don’t know what happened on late Friday afternoon but it’s like the west side exploded. Maybe because it was nice or the time change. All I know is it took me WAY too long to drive to Visitation. I don’t remember it being that difficult, last time!

Then, I had to park in Bam Bam 5. But, when we walked in, it wasn’t that crowded?

Mikey told me that he was going to help me eat fish. I swear he did and that’s the ONLY reason that I ordered the Belly Buster Fish Sandwich! He said he would!

Visi belly buster better

It was frickin’ gigantor! Like, a foot long! (and SOMEBODY didn’t help me!)

Right now, I have a confession to make – last night (and, maybe today, too) I was sick of fish. My heart just wasn’t in it. I took a few bites and I was over it. However, the fish was different from what they serve on the normal fish sandwich. It’s not as good as the smaller fish. It wasn’t bad just not awesome, like the other kind. Plus, they have this really great fish and I can’t get over the fact that they have PACKETS of tartar sauce. It ruins the fish.

The fries were good (SOMEBODY ate ALL of those!) and so was the cole slaw (they were out of mac’n’cheese). My parents both thought that the cole slaw was the best, so far.

Visi Fries

Visi Cole Slaw

And, my parents and the boy, hit up the dessert table!

Visi Cake

Visi Brownies

Mikey, of course, was the brownies. ūüėČ

Even though I didn’t love my fish sandwich, last night, Visitation still has a great, fun¬†atmosphere¬†and they have VERY friendly workers. They, also, have a kitchen staff that looks like they’re having a blast! I was just, personally, having an off night – so, Visitation’s still been my fav of 2013!

Next week – Whitewater Crossing!

Crap – forgot the Pizza Hut!

PH breadsticks

I ordered a lot of World’s Finest from my friend’s sons…there were FREE breadsticks coupons!

PH cheese

I wasn’t feeling the fish but the pizza was delicious! Breadsticks – eh, they were a little over cooked.

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