Fish Fries 2013 – Whitewater Crossing

Well, this was it – my last fish fry. I’ll have to say – I was REALLY sick of fish, heading into that night’s dinner. I never thought that I would say that but, it was true. The thought of fried fish wasn’t doing a single thing for me.

However – I had to be in the fishy mood. A lot of peeps, went with me, that night. Let’s see – 9 friends and family members (not counting me or Mikey!) I think that Whitewater Crossing is the best, so that’s the one everyone came to!

We got there at 6 and the line was LONG. I guess with just having one a year, it’s a popular event. I still love that they keep it simple. Fish or Chicken, White or Rye – and, all the boxes come the same way. That’s the way to do it.

It took us a few minutes to get seats together but…we managed it. I loved that many people came up and talked to us – welcomed us! The FIRST time, all fish fry season long, that that happened. And, not even at a church that fasts or refrains from meat, during Lent!

Here was my fishy box…

Whitewater Crossing Fish 2013


Please note how delicious and fun that marbled rye is! I’m guessing haddock, fried to crispy perfection, crinkle fries, cole slaw – they had cute helpers bringing around refills of sauces and drinks. Plus, the added dessert bonus of Peppermint Patties. It just doesn’t get better.

As much as I was protesting fish, that week, it was still really good. And, yes, still my favorite. You just can’t beat the atmosphere.

And, that is where my Fish Series 2013, ends, this year. I had every intention of going out Good Friday but…I was fished out. So, ordered Pizza with the boy.

Good Friday – Pizza Hut Pan Cheese

Pizza Hut Cheese


Good Friday – Pizza Hut Pan Mushroom and Bacon

Pizza Hut Other


It was a welcome change from fish. Yeah, I never thought I’d say that!

I think I’ve finally explored MOST of the fish fries, on the west side – this MIGHT be my last year, doing fish fry reviews (no tears, please).

BUT – I had some Masonite friends, tell me that St. Susanna is awesome and that I needed to go out there. While I’m not thrilled about driving during rush hour, my friend DID send me some fish fry pictures from the St. Susanne Fish Fry!

St. Susanna Fish Fry 2 - Tara


St. Susanna Fish Fry - Tara


It does look delicious!

I have a LOT of blogging catching up to do! I’ve been a busy girl. A fished out, busy girl. 😉

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