Taqueria Mercado – Downtown Cincinnati

Let me just say…given our last downtown experience, we were really dreading the parking situation. But, what do you know? Taqueria Mercado was off the trendy beaten path and had parking galore. Hallelujah! (And, yes, I’m still wondering where that elusive valet parking was, at The Senate!)

I have some friends, from CA, that really enjoy Taqueria Mercado – and the husband and I are ALWAYS ready for Mexican, so we were really excited about giving it a whirl!

We walked in and no wait – got a table, right away. As soon as we started looking around, I felt more at home, than I did at The Senate. While I can be the trendy girl…I’m more so the hippy girl at heart. And, this was WAY more laid back – for those people who want a good meal without paying “trendy” prices.

While I would have loved a margarita, I gave up all drinking except on vacation. No tequila for me!

The husband and I were STARVING and decided to get some Chorizo Queso with our Chips and Salsa

Taq Mer Queso

Taq Mer Chips

The chips were AWESOME – homemade, puffy, light and crispy! As good as Nada’s (but cheaper!) I wasn’t crazy about the salsa but the queso was delicious. Of course, I don’t know that you can mess anything up that has chorizo in it!

The husband ordered the Camarones a la Diabla

Taq Mer Shrimp

I snagged a bite and it was fantastic – the sauce had a nice heat, to it, that smacked me when I didn’t expect it!

I couldn’t commit to a sauce, so, ordered some Enchiladas with a variety of sauces!

Taq Mer Enchiladas

And, because it completes me…Guacamole!

Taq Mer Guac

While I liked the enchiladas, the rice and beans were very boring and I can’t say that the guacamole was awesome. Good, yes, but not the best I ever had. I REALLY wanted more of the husband’s shrimp!

We, especially, liked the number, on the check, when it arrived. Definitely affordable and definitely a place that we’ll go back to!

Taqueria Mercado on Urbanspoon

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