Nick and Tom’s – Bridgetown

I’m a good west sider…sometimes. I HAVE been to Nick and Tom’s before – okay, a few times. Is it always my first choice? No – but, they do have good food. Even if I’m 30 years younger than the majority of their diners. 😉

Since I just got back from a mission trip, the husband and I wanted to escape the children for a few, but stay close to home, so we decided to grab some grub at Nick and Tom’s.

They were on a wait –> which, I enjoy because I like to see locally owned restaurants BUSY!

The bar was packed – you know those old people love their manhattens!

Since we ARE on Weight Watchers, right now, we were thoughtful, in what we ordered. Thankfully, we both had pretty many points, left for the meal!

All tables get bread – I snuck a small piece. I didn’t want to fill up too fast!

Nick and Tom Bread

And, because we both DID have some extra points, we opted for the bacon, egg and cheese, on our salads!

Nick and Tom Salad

Definitely delicious!

The husband got the roasted chicken – and, ate almost all of his broccoli before I got the picture!

Nick and Tom Chicken

And, I decided that fish was a good idea, again, and ordered the Blackened Cod

Nick and Tom Cod

The flavor, of the cod, was good – could have been cooked just a smidgen less. And, I just wasn’t feeling the dill sauce. Of course, that could just be me – I was exhausted and in robot mode.

We will return, I’m sure. Service was really great. And, the food was good – typical west side fare, but good.

Nick & Tom's Restaurant & Bar on Urbanspoon

Oh, and since we’re not horrendous parents, we stopped and got the kids pizza!

Pizza Hut

I’m wondering why Pizza Hut always has a dry, bubbly hole in the same spot, week after week? Oh well, the boy doesn’t care – in fact, he ate those pieces first, just to annoy the piss out of me. Hmmm….wonder where he gets that from?

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