The Princess and the Points

This might surprise some of you but…I don’t eat a lot. I, however, eat like crap. Just smaller quantities of crap. 🙂

So, in order to really buckle down and start being mindful of what it is that I’m putting into my mouth, on a daily basis, the husband and I joined Weight Watchers.

Yes, I’m a dieting pro – I’ve been doing it since I’ve been 9 years old. Weight Watchers is the one program that doesn’t annoy the crap right out of me. I like cupcakes. I like chocolate. And, dammit, I like burgers…Weight Watchers understands this and THAT is why I enjoy them. After my daughter was born (16 years ago), I lost a ton of weight, using the point system, so, the husband and I are back to counting points.

Honestly, it’s been liberating. The husband is no longer the carb nazi, so making dinner is so much EASIER! And, quite frankly, it’s been pretty easy. I lost 2.6 pounds, my first week – and, that made me happy –> Being as I didn’t work out. Oh yeah, I hate working out. No, I don’t feel exhilarated after. No, I don’t feel energized. I just feel sweaty and like I want to drop dead. I do NOT glisten. I sweat like a pig and I hate it. I’ll work out…eventually.

So, that’s where my meals have been, the past couple of weeks – weight watchers! Here’s a small sampling of what I’ve made!

Mexican Lasagna (6 points)

Mexican Lasagna

BTW – most of the portions, are larger…I take smaller ones! (so, that was probably 3 points!)

Deep Dish Pizza Casserole (7 points)

WW Deep Dish Pizza 2

Chicken Pot Pie (7 points)

WW Chicken Pot Pie

Tuna Noodle Casserole (8 points)

WW Tuna Noodle Cass


Just a sampling of those that I remembered to take pics of! The rest of my week is going to consist of Smart Ones – I have a busy week(end) ahead of me and I’m going super simple. I’ll cook again, next week!


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