1 Weekend, 2 of my Favs!

April is birthday season, around our house. My birthday is the 13th and Mikey’s is the 18th.

My little man loves him some steak. So, he decided to take a hit, in the gift area, and take Eddie Merlot’s as part of his present. Let me just say, not sure if I came ahead in that deal, or not. 😉

Of course, it DID mean that I was destined to have a fabulous foodie weekend.

The husband was on a golf trip and I wasn’t about to take the teen girl to Eddie Merlot’s too so…that meant Mikey and I were skipping pizza and going on a steak date!

Mikey put his good clothes on and we headed to our steak destination.

Me and the boy EM

(Look how damn cute he is!)

I’ve sung the praises of Eddie Merlot’s a few times, on my blog (see side bar of restaurants). It is, simply, fabulous. The ambiance, the service and mostly, the food. Just pure steak perfection.

Since I figured Mikey would be about the volume, I got him a strip steak (14 oz) and I get my usual filet (8 oz), with a side of bearnaise.

Bread Eddie M


Well, before I post the steak pics, we did get bread. It’s crusty on the outside and perfectly soft, on the inside. I had ONE piece. The boy ate the rest. (He was REALLY impressed that the bussers came around with crumb brushes to clean off the table)

Mikey’s Strip Steak

EM Strip better

Steak thumb's up


My Filet with Bearnaise sauce

EM Filet


EM Bearnaise


The filet + bearnaise sauce = eyes closed and moaning deliciousness.

If I could tilt the sauce dish directly to my mouth, and still look classy, I would have done it.

Gigantor Baked Potato

EM Potato


Tempura Beans

EM Tempura Beans


So many green beans! I should have known better – they were awesome, but so much!

Mikey ate about half of his steak and he was raving – I asked if he wanted a bite of mine. He took a bite and his eyes widened. Until that moment, I wasn’t aware that there was such an experience disparity between steaks. At that point, I backed off my filet and saved him half. He finished his strip and I plopped the rest of mine, onto his plate. I was his BFF. 😉

So, he tackled 18oz. of steak, plus the whole potato and 3/4 of the brownie. I don’t know that I can afford to have a teen boy (next year, 13!) in our house.

It was a success – food-wise, experience-wise, but mostly, with just a great night with my baby boy.

BUT WAIT! There’s more!

Saturday, we went out for MY birthday! (It was last weekend but I catered a wedding) Where does the foodie girl choose to go for her birthday? Nada, of course! To me, it’s just perfect Mexican food <–which happens to be my fav!

We got guacamole, of course. With the most fabulous chips in the whole entire world. The salsa is growing on me. And, I might have had 2 margaritas. Hey, the husband was late, getting home from his golf trip, and for every 20 minutes, he owed me a margarita. What’s a girl to do? Cheers!

I’ve posted many pics (again, see side bar) – but, new items, this time…

Chicken Tortilla Soup

Nada Soup



It wasn’t mine, so I didn’t try it. But, they said it was awesome.

I got my usual…Fish Tacos

Nada Fish Taco


Sublime perfection, again.

Boca Fries (the server suckered me in with “lots of fun dipping sauces”)

Nada Boca Fries

The fries WERE fantastic. “Lots” of “fun” dipping sauces consisted of sour cream (NOT a dipping sauce) and a chili sauce. I felt bamboozled. But, they WERE tasty.

Great food, night, company and PERFECT birthday celebration!

I just can’t get enough of the Nada.

So, this was ONE birthday weekend and I was lucky enough to hit up TWO of my favorite eating spots. The best part is that I got to share them with my favoritest people.

Happy Birthday, my Mikey man!







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