Pappadeaux – Take 3

3rd time! Yes, 3rd time people!

The husband is, absolutely, convinced that I should love Pappadeaux. He goes, frequently, for lunch and loves it. Granted – he ALWAYS gets the same thing (Ginger something salmon) and lunch prices are a ton better. BUT – he gets so personally offended that I just don’t see the big deal with it.

Apparently, I’m in the minority. Mike got a GC and he said we were going (again!) Saturday night, for date night. Got to Pappadeaux and they were so frickin’ crowded. I was looking around, so confused, because I REALLY don’t understand the appeal of the not very tasty, way over-priced seafood restaurant.

We were quoted 1 hour and 10 minutes. I wanted to blow that popcicle stand but…we waited. And, waited. Waited some more.

Thank God I’m able to talk and talk (Mike *might* disagree) because, after checking on our wait (with the so very bright hostesses), we were told that it was looking more like 1 hour and 30 minutes. Again, I was ready to roll out of there. But, we waited.

I was giving them until 8 (yes, we got there @ 6:10, peeps!) and then I was informing a manager WHY we were leaving and we were headed out the door. <–the hostesses are teens and they have zero customer skills. With the wait being so messed up, the manager really needed to be involved for crowd control.

Of course, with my internal ultimatum going, we were sat about 5 minutes before 8. For those of you, good with math, that’s 1 hour and 45 minutes! And, 35 minutes past our quoted time. That shit just doesn’t fly at a “good” restaurant! I was ready to tell them to shove their crappy seafood where the sun doesn’t shine but…we were also about to eat our arms off, we were so hungry.

Our server, God love him, was VERY apologetic, about our wait. Of course, he had NOTHING to do with the situation and he was the ONLY one to apologize! (I’m NOT looking for FREE things here…just an acknowledgement that things have gone awry and they’re trying to remedy the situation)

I was under strict orders, from Mike, to get whatever in the hell I wanted because he was bound and determined to, at least, make me like the food, that night. Since we knew the menu, by heart, at that point, we were ready to order ASAP.

It all comes with bread...(I broke the bread for you!)

Pappadeaux bread

The bread is good – nice and crusty, on the outside and soft, on the inside. Butter could have been a smidgen softer.

I got a cup of Lobster Bisque

Pappadeaux soup 2

They must have run out of soup plates – the soup was delivered as the cup, with a spoon handed to me. Lordy. Typically, I love the Lobster Bisque and while it had good flavor, they must have needed to put a new batch on. The vegetables were still crisp. Not good in the soup. (Lobster was tough, too)

Mike got a house salad

Pappadeaux House Salad

Boring! Lettuce, Croutons, Tomato – could they be LESS inspired?

Mike’s Dinner – Steamed Maine Lobster and Mussels

Pappadeaux Lobster and Mussels

He really liked his, of course.

Mine – Grilled Costa Rican Mahi

Pappadeaux Grilled Costa Rican Mahi

The fish was okay – overcooked and needed more sauce, but average. The grits were HORRIBLE. They were clumpy and thick. Grits should be creamy. The green beans- I’ll let those slide because it’s my personal preference here – I, prefer, homegrown canned green beans. The crispy green beans do nothing for me – fresh or not. But, I’ll let that go since it’s my own issue.

God love Mike – he knew, really, before we were even sat how the night was going to go. BTW – our food took FOREVER! The manager did come out and apologize, saying it was stuck behind a large party. That’s all well and good but if you see a 2 top, sitting behind a party of 12…get the 2 top out first. That’s common sense.

All in all, it took us THREE frickin’ hours at Pappadeaux, last Saturday night. You want to know how much our bill was with 2 soft drinks, a cup of soup and a salad and 2 dinners, with tip? $85! For shitty food and a long wait. I REALLY don’t get the appeal and I REALLY never want to hear that we’re in a recession ever again.

Pappadeaux is all OVER, for me. I’m done with it – there are NO 4th chances. They suck…period. I’ll take my $85 and go to Bonefish.

BTW – I love my husband, more than words. He was FABULOUS company and we got lots of chatting time and I know, that he has the best of intentions. 🙂

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