Mad Mike’s Burgers & Fries – White Oak

…or should I say “Five Guys” renamed?

I love a great burger. There are a few reasons why I could never be a vegetarian…burgers and bacon are 2 of those reasons. I was uber excited that we were getting a new burger place, on the west side, and I’ve had a few of my KY friends tell me how awesome Mad Mike’s is. After church, a couple of Sundays ago, I grabbed my burger expert (Mikey!) and some family members, and my camera, and gained excitement for a fantastic burger experience!

Yeah – the menu board was checkered and looked suspiciously like Five Guys. Even the ordering process is the same. Mad Mike’s DOES have chicken breast sandwiches AND burgers that come named and pre-topped but…ultimately, the same. I was hoping for, at least, a different taste. (Please see my previous Five Guys tirades)

After looking over the menu, I decided on the Mad Cali. The boy just wanted a double cheeseburger, plain. And, we got a small fry, to split.

Mad Mike's Mad Cali 2

That’s mine – the Mad Cali. (Note that it came wrapped in foil – sound familiar?) Good cheese melt but…it was average. Didn’t make my taste buds sing.

Mad Mike's Mikey

Mikey’s plain cheeseburger – again, good cheese melt. He said that it was okay – that Smashburger was better (that’s my boy!)

Mad Mike's Fries

Fries are EXACTLY LIKE Five Guys – which, to me, isn’t a good thing. The 2 perfect fries I’ve had are 1. Smashburger’s and 2. Senate’s. <–those have been the best fries I’ve EVER had. I ate about 2 – just wasn’t impressed.

I understand mimicking something that’s successful but you have do something that separates you from the herd, ya know?

A couple other burgers ordered…

Mad Mike's Mel

I think that was the Look Out Below (fried egg)

Mad Mike's Chuck

You CAN get a ciabatta bun or…

Mad Mike's Pretzel

…a pretzel bun.

So, yes, that’s different from Five Guys.

I really hope that it manages to stay – that location hasn’t had any luck, for the past gazillion years! But, I can’t say that it’s some place that I’m going to return to on a regular basis.

I’d rather have Smashburger…or Red Robin.

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