Chuy’s – Florence

I have quite a few friends, who live across the pond and a lot of them (not all!) love Chuy’s.  After being lured in, by the promise of homemade refried beans and salsa, the husband and I ventured, to the south, for some Mexican food. This is how lame we are –> We caught the matinée of Hangover 3, we were at dinner by 5 and we were back in pajamas, at home, by 6:30. Married life is AWESOME! Whoever says differently is a damn liar!

Going to Florence, to eat, is always a little bit of an enigma. It’s like they don’t own ovens, in that part of KY because EVERYONE goes out to eat. Recession, my ass. However, being as we were eating, with the senior crowd hours, we had no issues getting right in.

Minus the hostesses, look what greeted us!

Chuy's Elvis


Done! I’m already in love. What can I say? I’m a sucker for cheesy…and Elvis.

LOVE the decor, kind of old diner meets restaurant.

Before I go into food – our server, while not only cute and spunky, was awesome! You could tell that she really enjoyed the food that she served and was happy serving it. She had suggestions and answered questions (plus, always had refills, on both, drinks and chips/salsa). Loved her!

Speaking of – Chips and Salsa

Chuy's chips and salsa


Yes, the chips look completely “normal”. But, they were so good! Really light, really crispy – awesome. My only gripe was that they weren’t very salty. Mike might have slapped my hand, 14X, while I added more salt…a lot more salt. I have issues. (I’ll ascertain, here, that I have normal sodium levels!) The salsa was VERY fresh and had a great heat to it. Lots of lime, too – which, I love!

But – he redeemed himself by ordering me a side of guacamole

Chuy's guac better

Guacamole was average – I don’t love that they put it on a bed of lettuce. Ain’t nobody got time for that!

Our fabulous server, since she knew it was our first time, gave us a sample size of the Chuy’s Creamy Jalapeno sauce

Chuy's creamy jalapeno


It was good – kind of like a spicy ranch? She said that customers go nuts over it and it has a crack-like quality. I thought it was fine.

Chips and all 3 sauces

Chuy's chips and 3 sauces


The husband ordered a Chicken Fajita Burrito – and, he got lots of fun sauces (love it!), on the side. He’s so coming around to my way of thinking.

Chuy's Fajita Chicken Burrito


Holy Sauces! (It’s like Heaven!)

Chuy's all sauces


The bottom left is the Boom Boom sauce (my fav), top left is Hatch and the middle is the Green Chili.

Mike loved his burrito – he even sent a pic of it to a friend. Although, he did say, that contrary to what the menu stated, it wasn’t as big as his head. 😉

Hmmm – what did I get? Me, the girl who orders the same thing, at every Mexican restaurant. One guess…

Yep – Baja Fish Tacos!

Chuy's fish taco

As a whole, I really liked it BUT (you knew that was coming), I’d prefer a lighter batter, on the fish. AND, smaller pieces of fish versus the log. The flour tortillas were amazing – homemade and delicious!

Here are the refried beans

Chuy's refried beans


Those beans (and the tortillas!) were my favorite thing, on my plate! Authentic and creamy – absolutely delicious!

All around, a fantastic meal experience. Love the ambiance – they had such a fab vibe, going on. Servers were all spunky and on it. Food seems to be prepared with thoughtfulness and freshness. I don’t have any complaints – I left a happy (and full!) girl. We’re going to drag our besties here, soon!

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One thought on “Chuy’s – Florence

  1. Food is pretty good if you can get past the decor…which is absolutely hideous! Might be better to walk in blindfolded and simply enjoy the food. The “baby bottom pink” will turn your stomach!

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