Snappy’s Pizza – Dent

Well, the boy abandoned me, all weekend, for his grandma’s. I’m all alone. *sniff sniff* No partner to be lazy with, on a Friday night!

Since he wasn’t going to be around, for our pizza night, I stopped at Little Caesar’s, after he home from school, so he could throw down some pizza before grandma’s. While grandma loves him, she doesn’t enjoy the food as much as normal people do and she’ll “forget” to feed him. 😉 I don’t understand those non-food people. Food just for nourishment – WHAT IS THAT?!?!

I might have spent the whole night playing candy crush and reading. (Hey, it’s a rough life) AND, since my baby WAS gone (booo hooo), I ordered Snappy’s Tomato Pizza. (yes, if you’re a child of the ’80’s, it’s okay to sing the song!)

Even though pepperoni has been given me heartburn, lately (getting old is bitch), I went for it anyway. I found a coupon code online and got a Large Thin crust, Snapperoni (extra pepperoni and cheese). $12, maybe?


It looked really good. Thin crust wasn’t so “thin” though. I DID like the addition of a garlic butter cup, for free!

Verdict? Eh – it was okay. I wanted to like it but the crust was soggy (I like CRISPY thin crust), the sauce was boring, the cheese all stayed together and had no stringy, cheesy pull factor to it. I can’t say I was a fan. Plus, needed more of the average sauce (there wasn’t an option for extra sauce, online). <–Reminds me…their online ordering was a clusterpluck.

I’m glad that I ordered it, when the boy was out-of-town – now, I know we won’t have to order it again!


Snappy Tomato Pizza Co on Urbanspoon

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