Home is where the Skyline is!

There are so many things, that remind us good Cincinnati people of home – Larosa’s, Montgomery Inn, Graeter’s, Frisch’s, White Castle…but mine, is Skyline.

The first thing we eat, when we pull in from our yearly excursion to Destin (love!) is Skyline. It’s comfort, it’s delicious, it’s reliable in its tastiness and, it’s home.

Okay – I’m NOT going to hear any crap about it not being “real” chili. Get over it, people. There are ALL types of chili. Texas Chili, Chicken Chili, Tex-Mex Chili, different regions of all of those AND GREEK chili. NONE of those are more valid chili choices than the others. ALL chili, just different. I like them all and I don’t profess that one is superior to the others. So, get off your high chili horse!

I’m having a rough week and you know what I wanted? My Skyline.

Some examples of the Skyline deliciousness…

Small 5 Way (hubby’s)

Skyline 5 way

He got Habanero cheese on it. He usually gets a 4 Way, with beans but, decided to go for the onions. We might have had a 5 minute disagreement, after he ate it, about the onions. I love them. He thinks it detracted from the taste. He’s wrong.

Cheese Coney (that would be mine)

Skyline coney

Mmmm- that is all.

And, because I was being miserable, that day, I, also, got a Chilito (the husband ate half)

Skyline Chilito

Yes, the picture is boring (I suppose I should have cut it open for you…) but it was delicious. Onions and all.

I’m so proud of my son. He has now, at age 12, ventured into getting actual chili, on his “single wiener buns with cheese”. Whew – I thought I would have to kick him out of the family.

I’ve had a million greek chili type places (Gold Star, being one), and to me, Skyline is just the best.

The husband and I have visions of moving to Destin but…that means that I’ll have to open a Skyline down there!

My point? It’s ALWAYS Skyline time, in this house.

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2 thoughts on “Home is where the Skyline is!

  1. My fiancé and I would love to move to Destin as well! We were talking about opening a skyline down there too! They really need one and I think it would be booming!

    Love reading your posts!

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