Kreimer’s Bier Haus

Yes, I’m a slacker. I wish I had some really great excuse for being a blog neglector but…I don’t. My excuse is that I read a lot and get sucked in (for days) by literary entertainment!

We went to the Bier Haus, a few weeks ago – it was a friend’s b-day! I don’t “love” reviewing restaurants, if someone has picked it as a special occasion spot but, I knew already that I liked it so…it’s all good. Really. I’ll take it easy.

It was one of those days and I needed a beer. Badly. Yes, NEEDED.

I’m down to 2 beers that I’ll drink (and, it’s really not that often!) – Blue Moon and Amstel Light (only with a lime). Well, the Bier Haus didn’t have Blue Moon so the server suggested Leinenkugel Summer Shandy.


It was delicious! Very citrusy – loved it. Yes, I’m a girly girl and I don’t want beer that tastes like beer. I’m a horrible west sider. I know this.

They DID have fried pickles, as an appetizer but…they were spears = out, for me. The husband and I opted for the Sauerkraut Balls (it’s funny…you can laugh).

Bier Haus Sauerkraut Balls

They were good – needed a little something. And, I disagreed with their sauce choice – they served them with mustard. They needed 1000 Island (which I requested and got!)

Our friends DID get fried pickles – they don’t have spear issues like I do.

Bier Haus Fried Pickles

Okay – WHAT is the west side without this main staple?!?!

Bier Haus Hot Slaw

Yes, folks, that would be the ever popular HOT SLAW! (which, I didn’t order) I’ve decided that I’m going to open a restaurant, over here, only open from 4-6 PM. I’m only serving hot slaw and manhattens and I’ll run a shuttle service for all the drunk old people. Seriously.

I DID get a spinach salad.

Bier Haus Spinach Salad

You know what was REALLY tasty? That pretzel stick to the right!

Husband’s House Salad

Bier Haus House Salad

Okay – I can’t quite keep track of who ordered what (cut me some slack, it was weeks ago – I, barely, can keep tabs on my own kids)

Bavarian Chicken?

Bier Haus Chicken

Salmon Oscar

Bier Haus Salmon Oscar

Fish Log (that’s mine!)

Bier Haus Fish Log

We also got a side of potato pancakes (well, I substituted them for a potato but you see how that worked out for me)

Bier Haus Potato Pancakes

The potato pancakes were awesome. The fish log? Not so much. It was REALLY tough. Like, get stuck in your teeth tough. And, as much as I love bacon and cheese, I don’t know that it really belongs on a log of fish. I really DID try to like the fish log but, told the server that it wasn’t good and, I got a fish sandwich, instead (to go) It was a little better but – I couldn’t eat it because I was full.

Bier Haus Fish Sand

Even though the food experience wasn’t so hot, this time, it always has been, in the past. I just chalk it up to being a bad night. The Bier Haus has such a fantastic atmosphere and I know that I’ll be back. But, the fish log will probably just stay on the menu…

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