Kennings Circle K – Bridgetown

Before I catch any more crap…yes, I know that I suck at blogging, over the summer. I’ve been busy – I DO cook for a living, too. Between grad parties and trips and get-togethers, on the weekends, I haven’t had much time to eat at restaurants. I know, the horror!

And, this blog post (Kennings!), well, we might have eaten there quite a few weeks ago. 6, okay! 6 weeks ago! Again, I know I suck.

But, here we go – Kennings Circle K. Upon entering, it’s “Holy seniors!” On first look, it would appear that way. The husband and I were the youngest people, in there. We were the only ones not drinking wine, highballs or manhattens. And, we didn’t have our meds, sitting on the table. Plus, we didn’t order hot slaw (more, on that, later)

We’ve been to Kennings, two other times before. My complaint, the last time, is that it needed to be updated and the lighting was super low! I’m happy to say that, this time, that was all fixed. There must have been some remodeling AND the lights were UP. I could SEE the menu – woohoo!

Let me just say, the most delicious thing EVER are the Fresh Sea Scallops (appetizer). We had them all 3 times and they are just delicious. I dream about these, in the off-season.

Kennings Blackened Scallops

They were cooked, perfectly. Not tough and rubbery, like so many restaurants do. The blackening was spicy, but not overwhelming and the sauce…well, the husband and I were shoving each other’s forks, out-of-the-way, to get to it. Yes, we’re greedy (and, been married way too long to be polite about food!)

Not sure if you know this, but I have slight obsession about soup. I love soup. Really. So, since I’m, always, in search of the perfect Lobster Bisque

Kennings Lobster Bisque

This WASN’T perfect. Not anywhere close. It just tasted like cheese soup. If there was any lobster, in the lobster bisque, I never saw it or tasted it. I ate about half and then, called it a day. However, we had a fabulous server and when I told her that I really didn’t like it, she apologized, asked if I wanted anything else and took it off the bill. Kennings has FABULOUS service. Plus, the owner is always walking around, chatting with people, making sure everyone is happy. And, THAT is why I love my west side establishments, people.

Oh, here are some rolls

Kennings Rolls

And, I don’t know why I love the following, so much, but I do!

Kennings Cracker basket

The cracker basket! Yes, it makes me smile. I love those little bread sticks – it’s just so old school that I have to put it back in the “cool” category. 😉

The husband got a house salad, with his meal.

Kennings Side Salad

Ain’t nobody got time for all those carrots. But, I didn’t have to eat it, so, I suppose that I’ll shut up.

Husband ordered the Crab Cakes

Kennings Crabcakes

He thought that they were fabulous – please note…the yummy sauce again. 🙂

I got the Victorian Red Salmon

Kennings Salmon

Bask in its beauty! And, yes, just as amazing as it looks. Cooked perfectly and the sauce…I could have funneled it. I was going back and forth between that and the prime rib. I’m glad I got the salmon. And, before anyone says it, I know that I love the seafood more than most things. Seriously.

Since I got 2 sides (one, being my soup), I got Cottage Fries, as my second.

Kennings Cottage Fries

They did need more salt (surprised, that the human salt lick, said that?). But, I liked that they were thicker than traditional saratoga chips but yet, still crispy. I was so full from the scallops and salmon that I really couldn’t do this any justice. But, they WERE good. Promise.

I have nothing but good things, to say, about Kennings. The bonus to the evening? The senior watching. The husband and I had a side bet about how many of the 8 seniors, sitting to the right of us, would order hot slaw. We both lost. A couple of the men threw us off, by ordering a regular house salad. <–they weren’t following the senior hot slaw rules. Damn, I love the seniors.

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Big exciting news – we’re leaving, for Destin, shortly, which means, LOTS of eating! SO excited that I can’t breathe! Okay, I can breathe but I’m still really excited. 14 days of restaurants and good seafood eating – it’s like a Christmas miracle, in August. My blog will be happy.

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