Little Caesar’s

My son likes crappy pizza. There, I said it.  I cook for a living, have fabulous taste in food and yet, he still eats horrible pizza. It makes me so sad.

We were on our way home and HE (please know, it wasn’t MY choice!) wanted to stop for Little Caesar’s. It’s $5 – I got sucked in by the cheapness.

Since they were promoting their new pan pizza, I asked Mikey if we could get that. He loves Pizza Hut’s pan, so he said yes. Because he’s lazy, he stayed in the car. Which means that he just missed the craziness of Little Caesar’s…

As I walked in, a lady was screaming at the workers “You NEVER have pizza ready! Every time I come in here, I have to wait! Your sign says HOT and READY but it’s NEVER READY!” She was, fabulously, angry, over pizza. 🙂

While I don’t agree with her tactics, she wasn’t WRONG. If you’re going to advertise that your pizza is not only ready, but HOT, you should probably have some pizzas up. Just sayin’.

I, CALMLY, and friendly-like, ordered a pan pizza. Guess what? Had to wait 10 minutes for it. I was feeling that crazy lady’s pain, right about then. So, I sat on a bar stool.

Apparently, wearing your pajama bottoms, into Little Caesar’s, is the norm. I was wondering how I got sucked into this alternate world…

And, I waited some more. I, actually, had to tell the girl, when my pizza came up. She was going to sell it to someone else. Great system, Little Caesar’s.

I grabbed my ONE box and went home – thank God.

LC Pan box


LC cheese


LC pepperoni


It was just so fluffy! (not, in the cute unicorn way) In the way too much dough, way. I hated it. The boy hated it. Most of the pizza stayed in that box.

It’s cheap and there’s a reason for it.

Little Caesar's on Urbanspoon

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