Lime – Rookwood

With my love of limes, you know that any place named “Lime” is going to resonate with my soul, right? I was super excited when my book club girls (yah – love you, chics!), wanted to meet up at Lime!

Love Rookwood but the parking there, that night, was horrendous. Don’t know what was so happening, on a Monday night, but I had to park, in China. However, my mother ship (that would be Mexican food), beamed me in.

I like that it’s casual dining. Meaning, you order at the counter and then, are given this…

Lime number

Is it bad that I wanted to steal it?

Because I *might* have a nacho problem, I got the Nach’Yo’Momma’s Nachos (and, yes, I said it just like that, when I ordered it…because it’s funny.) I did add ground beef, to them. But, I still thought it would, for $8, be a smaller appetizer version. So, since I’m a soup addict, too, ordered a cup of the Chicken Tortilla Soup.

Paid, grabbed my awesome lime number and went to get my drink and salsa!

1. Salsa Heaven!

Lime Salsa bar

The manager gave me an odd look, when I snapped a picture. I just said, “I really like salsa.” I think my weirdness caused him to turn away. I have that effect on people. 😉

2. They have ice pebbles! Little, baby, crushed ice, just like Frisch’s. This is an automatic WIN, for Lime!

It’s already a good day and I haven’t even gotten my food yet!

About 5 minutes, and one very happy employee (love it!) later, I got my food.

Chicken Tortilla Soup

Lime Chix Tort Soup

The soup was awesome! Plus, those chips, to the left – very crispy and salty. Loved them! I tried the Salsa Asada – it was pretty good. Not perfect, but good. Oh, did I tell you that they also had extra limes and cilantro, on the salsa bar, too? That’s heaven, people.

Nachos (the Nach’Yo’Momma kind)


Lime Nachos

Yes, I got in too close, for the pic! But, there was lots of beans and meat, underneath those perfect chips. Do you see the deliciousness, going on, in the top left corner? Mmmmm….guacamole. I’ll say it – give a smidgen more cheese, these would have been the perfect nachos! And, at a fabulous price. Loved them!

Oh, most of my book club girls, got the Taco Salad – I snagged a picture of one.

Lime Taco Salad

Great dishes and visual appeal!

I loved Lime and can’t wait to go back! Of course, today, I’m off to another Mexican restaurant, to review. More on that, later!

Lime Fresh Mexican Grill on Urbanspoon

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