Taco Casa – Montgomery

I have a tendency to become, um, maybe…just a little obsessed with things? (Don’t ever ask to see my vacation lists!) Back in the ’90’s, we had a Taco Casa, on our side of town, and I used to love it. When we were driving around Montgomery (maybe, Christmas time?), I noticed a Taco Casa and since then (please note, 9 months) have become obsessed with eating there and revisiting delicious childhood memories.

Montgomery’s a smidgen, of a haul, for me – so, I had to orchestrate, my visit, perfectly. I hit it up, after work, one day, last week. BTW – I should mention that the husband didn’t understand why I wanted to go. He thinks Taco Casa isn’t very good. I thought he didn’t know what he was talking about and my childhood memories couldn’t be a sham?

It wasn’t very busy and there was only 2 women working – they were older women and movement factor, wasn’t very high.

I ordered, to go, a chilito and a side of chips and guacamole. (The chilito is what I used to order, years ago!)

I did note that they didn’t steam or melt my chilito – no, it went right into the microwave. *insert forehead smack*

I walked around to get my “salsa” (I have a feeling, THIS is what I remembered), grabbed my order and drove home.

Look at the fabulous to go system!

Taco Casa to go system

Yes, that’s my chilito, in a boat, with a paper plate over it. Really?

My chilito, no paper plate

Taco Casa Chilito

Chilito – open!

Taco Casa Chilito inside

Lots of chili – very little cheese

“Salsas” – mild, left and hot, right

Taco Casa Taco Sauces

Chips and Guacamole

Taco Casa Chips and Guac

The chilito wasn’t very good – lots of “chili” (which was really just taco meat…) and very little cheese. The ends of the chilito were hard, due to microwaving, versus steaming it. Hell, even Taco Bell steams their stuff!

The “salsas” – can you say Ortega taco sauce?

And,  the biggest disappointment, of all…the guacamole. You know that it takes A LOT for me, not to like guacamole. This was like avocado baby food. Whipped avocado yogurt. Avocado puree. Pick one. There was NOTHING besides avocado mushiness here – horrible! I took one scoop, with a chip and threw the rest away – it was THAT terrible.

My childhood memories have been ruined. My obsession has come to an end. At least I know that I won’t have to ever worry about going to Taco Casa again.

Taco Casa on Urbanspoon

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