Trotta’s Pizza

I’m, always, on the hunt down, for the perfect pizza. I hate to say it…but, I think I’m pretty picky. Pizza Hut messed up, our order (They forgot to give me pepperoni, on the pepperoni LOVERS), last week, so we had a coupon for a free pizza. Since Mikey’s pizza was going to be free, I decided to explore other options = Trotta’s!

I think because of the allure, of the Lotta Trotta, growing up, I have fond memories, of Trotta’s. We’ll see how that goes, for me. I have a tendency to build up my childhood food memories!

Mikey’s Pizza Hut pizza first – a FREE Large Pan Cheese

Pizza Hut Cheese

Looks awesome!!!

Then, we swung by Trotta’s, to pick up my pizza – I love that they have a drive thru = tres convenient!

I got a 12″ Traditional, with Pepperoni and Mushroom (and, a side of garlic sauce). It was $15 and some change.

Trotta's 2

Um, yeah. That’s what I opened the box to. NO, I didn’t do any race car driving, on the way home. It sat, calmly, on Mikey’s lap! ALL the cheese is in the middle – lots of bald spots. It’s just U-G-L-Y. Maybe the taste will make up for it?

No…it didn’t. I ate one piece and was ready for it to go away. The crust was too puffy AND chewy, at the same time. I DID like the sauce but that could NOT counter the lack of cheese and toppings and it’s appearance.

I hate being a traitor, to the west side food, but…I’ll never eat it again. Unless it’s free and the only thing served at a party.

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