Five Boroughs Pizza – Cheviot

Since I had 2 free weeks (short version – they messed up our order about a month ago), of Pizza Hut, for Mikey, I’m a FREE woman, when it comes to choosing pizza. It’s like a whole new world (feel free to sing Aladdin there).

Here’s Mikey’s Pan Cheese Pizza <–he’s a man of NO change.

Pizza Hut


The bald spot is back. Just to annoy me, Mikey ate that piece first.

Since the pizza world was WIDE open, I chose Five Boroughs. (On North Bend Rd – right by Harvest Home Park) I wish I could link you, but they are, apparently, not in the 21st (or the 20th) century yet. 😦  They pride themselves on New York style pizza. You can even go in and order it, by the slice. Which is awesome, for a quick lunch!

I went with the Medium Brooklyn DodgerPepperoni, Sausage, Mushrooms, Green Peppers, Onions and a sprinkle of garlic.

5 Burroughs


Is there a cow shortage, that I’m unaware of? Because, the last 2 places, have given me NO cheese, on my pizzas! I know I’m picky, so I took another picture.

5 Burroughs 2


I’m not making it up, I swear.

I was willing to give it a pass (even though they weren’t busy and could have given full attention, to my pizza making…just sayin’).

The crust was awesome. The sauce needed to be heavier. The cheese, we’ve established, was non-existent. (even the husband, who isn’t as nearly as picky as I am, said the same thing!) Toppings were a decent amount. By far, one of the better pizzas out there – BUT, needs more cheese. I don’t know that I can say that enough. That’s a pretty important component of a pizza…

I’ve tried other things, at Cincitalia, from them – they have fabulous garlic knots, stromboli and delicious pasta, too!

If you live on the west side and are looking for something different (meaning, something other than Larosa’s!), try Five Boroughs (might want to get extra cheese though). They have a great special, on Mon – Wed…Buy a Large @ regular price and get a Large Cheese FREE. Great for Monday night football. 😉



Five Boroughs Pizza on Urbanspoon

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