Just when I think I’m a perfectly good westsider, I realize that I’ve never been to Primavista! I’ve heard it’s awesome, over and over again, but yet, it’s just never come up. Our wedding anniversary was October 9th (14 years, baby!), and where did we celebrate our years of marital bliss? Yep, Primavista – fine dining Italian.

I like any place that takes reservations and has white tablecloths. Oh, and that has wine.

Prima Vista wine

And, any place with this view, of our beautiful city and skyline! (no, not the chili – although that is beautiful, too)

Prima Vista view 2

It’s very conducive, to romance.

I stalked the menu, a bit, before we got there so, we had a game plan. We’re good at combining forces. Our PLAN was the lamb chops, the chef’s fresh fish and to split a side of gnocchi.

Oh, how we go astray…

They had a special “Dine Italia” menu, during last week. $30, for 3 courses and 2 of the things, I, originally, wanted were on it. However, I almost changed my mind, when I saw the order of spaghetti and meatballs, go by our table! It looked phenomenal – not your Olive Garden pasta!

Bread first!

Prima Vista bread

The bread was delicious. The garlic paste, on the side? Not so much. The ONE thing, that I didn’t like (and, I’m the girl who loves garlic so much, that when it makes my tongue tingle, it’s still not enough!). We ALL (our parents were there, too – it was their anniversary, the day before!) disliked it.

Gnocchi Appetizer


The gnocchi were perfect little pillows and the pancetta with the parmesan = awesome. I do wish there had been just a smidgen more of the brown butter sauce. (does that surprise you?)

Caesar Salad

Caesar Salad

I loved the addition (I was asked, first) of anchovies. The husband thought I was disgusting and he avoided that part of the salad. I love salt. Of course, I love anchovies! Good salad…we both (hubby and I) thought that there needed to be more dressing.



It was pretty good. Definitely not the best cioppino I’ve ever had, but the broth was delicious. The seafood was all, a little over cooked. I wish I had ordered the lamb.

Striped Bass with Lobster Sauce

Fish of the day

That, right there, was a perfect dish. And, the butter sauce? One of the BEST sauces, I’ve ever had. The fish is what my parents ordered, too. They were happy, as well.

I couldn’t do dessert – but, that didn’t stop the others. And, it meant that I got to steal bites, instead of dedicating myself to a whole dessert!

Tuscan Brownie

Prima Vista Brownie

Really? Could anything about that, be wrong?


Prima Vista tiramisu

Perfection! And, I could have totally taken down, one of those, myself. I’m glad I was just stealing bites!

Also, service was impeccable. It was a nice touch, that the owner or manager, stopped at every table, to make sure that everyone was taken care of.

All in all, it was a great meal. Good food, gorgeous scenery, fabulous company and, above all, love! I’m sure we’ll be back.

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2 thoughts on “Primavista

  1. We went there Saturday night for the first time. The 11th was my Birthday. We made reservations last minute so they were at 8:45. We sat at the bar from 7 till 8:45. Had a cheese pizza for $7. Pretty good for the price. We loved that garlic spread..? We had sides of pasta for our meals. The spicy one and the pesto. We loved the spicy. My husband said that Bravo is better for pesto since he adds sun dried tomatoes to it. Loved the view at reasonable prices. Salad was good too. Evenly tossed in there dressing. ( we go to Destin every August. 2 kids)

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