Moerlein Lager House

I like having impromptu dates, with my gorgeous husband. And, I like it even more, when he takes me to fun, new places, like Moerlein Lager House. ūüėČ

It’s a gorgeous restaurant. From the wood floors, the decor, the bar and, above all, the view. I know the Banks seemed like it was never going to be, but…the end result is fabulous.

That day, it was just the two of us, but I can see where it’s a great place, to just hang, with a group of friends.

Service was fantastic AND the manager circled the restaurant and made sure that everyone was happy.

The food!

What’s my go to appetizer (not nachos, this time)?

Fried pickles (and peppers!)

moerlein house fried pickles

They were served with a really yummy horseradish sauce (I’m a sucker for the horseradish!). LOVED the breading. A little denser than a cornmeal coating but still super crispy. Really, my favorite were the anaheim peppers – so good and I can, totally, see myself replicating that, in the near future!

The husband got, what he always gets – Smoked Salmon Salad

moerlein house

Okay – he’s funny. He ate all the salmon (he got extra) and lettuce but left all the salad “stuff”. The roasted tomatoes, the pearl onions, the cucumbers. I have no clue why he just didn’t get salmon but apparently, he loves the dressing.

What I got – Short Rib Grilled Cheese

moerlein house mine

And, the inside of the sandwich…

moerlein house mine 2

Yes – it was just as good as it looks! My only complaint is that the fries weren’t very good. Kind of cold and not crispy. That was a tad disappointing. But, the sandwich DID make up for that.

Overall, a great meal. We were making plans to return, so that means, that this goes in the “win” category.

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