Stone Creek Dining Company – West Chester

Yes, I got out of the west side. You proud?

I’ve heard great things about Stone Creek Dining Company and the menu met all of my requirements. (which, the husband insists that I’m way picky about but…whatever!)

We met our besties and we were off and eating.

The restaurant was beautifully decorated. Lots of shiny hardwood and fun light fixtures. Kind of the modernized woodsy feel.

This was our tablescape…

Stone Creek Dining Table

The menus, although gorgeous, were VERY bulky – had to hold them, on our laps, until our order was taken.

My husband was in love with the water bottle…

Stone Creek Dining Water Bottle

I’ll have to admit, it was pretty cute.

I felt like it was in the best interest, of the blog, to get an appetizer. 😉

Oh, what do you know? They had Baked Goat Cheese.

Stone Creek Dining Goat Cheese Dip

I was a little unsure of the Italian compote, to the right but, it was good. Would have preferred smaller pieces of tomato but…still good.

Our friends got the Crispy Calamari

Stone Creek Dining Calamari

It was calamari meets Bang Bang Shrimp. So, you know I liked it!

The table got bread!

Stone Creek Dining Bread

You could smell the bread, before it hit the table. HOT, crusty on the outside, yet fluffy on the inside. The dipping sauce was AWESOME and I’d love to try to replicate it. Sun-dried tomato and jalapeno. Yeah, you read that correctly. Jalapeno! We attacked. That bread didn’t stand a chance. Neither did the next loaf.

Going into the night, I was between about 3 entrees. And, couldn’t get the husband, on board, with any of them, for sharing purposes. The turd. I ended up with one that wasn’t even on my radar! (more about that, later)

My bestie got Scallop and Crab Linguine (hell, at this point, YOU should know that she’s going to get pasta!)

Stone Creek Dining Pasta

Both of the boys got the Seafood Broil

Stone Creek Dining Seafood Broil

Okay – I was between a filet, the durango beef medallions (which, I really didn’t WANT to do because almost every food review blogger, has ordered those!), the short ribs and the applewood smoked bacon salmon. FOUR things. I have issues. But, the server messed up all my plans. Why? Because he mentioned that the Cobia, was not only awesome but it came with a Lobster Strudel. Yes, Lobster in PUFF PASTRY. I was sold.

Stone Creek Dining Cobia

It was good, but it needed more sauce. (Usually, I have to duck and cover, for that remark – the husband HATES that complaint) I’ll have to say, that I was underwhelmed, with my entrée but everyone else LOVED theirs.

Service was fantastic – our server was always on top of things. The food came out, with perfect timing. TWO managers stopped by, to make sure that everything was okay. That’s another benefit to “special occasion” restaurants, you get amazing service.

Oh, we got dessert. And, by dessert, I mean the bestie boy got a Brownie Sundae

Stone Creek Dining Brownie

And, I got a Good Night Coffee (since the husband wouldn’t go for Carrot Cake, the baby)

Stone Creek Dining Coffee

That, to the right, is a chocolate stick – which, so nicely, melted into my coffee. 🙂

Even though I didn’t “love” my entrée, it was, all around, a really great meal. Would I go again? Absolutely!

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