Cheddar’s – Northgate

We were looking for something “new” close to home, on a Friday night. Cheddar’s won. (I have been to Cheddar’s before…the one in Florence.)

Now, I’ve heard (and have seen) nightmares about the sheer amount of people, that eat at Cheddar’s, at any given time, on any given day. Like hoards and hoards of people. Flocking. We were leery that we’d be able to get in, on a Friday night, after 5:30.

Sure enough, we got there and the stampede was charging. After prying my way through the masses, I made it to the hostess stand. Our party of 6, was given a time of 36-41 minutes. When I said, “Random” to the HOST, he replied with “Not really.” Whatever, dude. Awkward times ARE random.

We decided to wait. I had lots of fun people watching anyway. (And, you KNOW there’s some good people watching, in Northgate)

At 38 minutes, we were sat. Yes, I’m crazy like that.

The inside of the restaurant was an absolute and complete MADHOUSE. Servers upon servers. Bussers and Hostesses. People and kids, screaming everywhere we turned. NOT conducive to a calm meal.

Our server was fine – seemed a little overwhelmed but, given his environment, it was reasonable.

We were with our besties, so we were happy BUT…it was hard to hear any sort of conversation, without screaming at each other.

We (both) started off with some Chips and Queso (we added the beef)

Cheddar's Queso

The Queso was good – the salsa, not so much (I’m very picky about salsa)

I’ll post everyone else’s, before mine.

Kid’s Grilled Cheese

Cheddar's kid's grilled cheese

New Orleans Pasta (wonder who go that…)

Cheddar's New Orleans Pasta

Both the boys (older boys), got Ribs

Cheddar's Ribs 1

Cheddar's Ribs 2

Mikey got the Sirloin

Cheddar's Steak

And, what did I get? Well, I was between the Monte Cristo, Chicken and Waffles and Spasagna.

I ended up with the Spasagna

Cheddar's Spasagna

It WAS pretty good. The server, however, did tell me that he would do half alfredo and half marinara – hmmm…that didn’t seem to work out for me, did it? It had a cheesy, spaghetti middle. I wasn’t crazy about the chunky sauce but I realize that that’s just a personal preference.

You know what was REALLY delicious though?

Cheddar's Croissants

The Croissants! They were buttery and flaky and then drizzled with even MORE butter and some honey. Just perfect. We all descended and attacked.

The appeal of this restaurant is that the food is good (not awesome, but good) and its price point is very affordable. (Hence, all the screaming children and parties). This is definitely NOT a date restaurant or a restaurant that you want to go to if you care about dinner conversation, at all!

And, while everyone enjoyed their food, we were VERY happy to get the hell up out of there! (without getting whacked in the face with a balloon)

Cheddar's Casual Cafe on Urbanspoon

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