Hillside Gastropub – Cincinnati (Rybolt Rd.)

I’ll admit that since Hillside Gastropub, moved into the old Poppy’s, I was intrigued. Mostly because the term “gastropub” means a “pub selling high class cuisine”. Um, yeah, the west side people like meat and potatoes…and beer. Lots of beer. Not sure how well the “high class cuisine” and Hudy are going over. 😉

But, since I like the high class cuisine, way more than the beer, I was, of course, willing, to give it a whirl.

The location, itself, is a little off-putting. You have to park by a rundown and dark motel – it’s a scene straight out of a horror movie. We walked in and it was definitely a bar AND there was only ONE other table. Oh, boy. BUT – there was a nice, toasty fireplace, keeping us warm. Lighting, however, was horrible (and, I apologize, for the pictures now – there’s only so much photo-editing, a girl can do).

I had no clue what to expect because Hillside Gastropub does not have a website. Personal pet-peeve. In this day and age, get a damn webpage and promote yourself!

But, I did take a picture of the menu for you – see how nice I am? (click on the pictures, for a bigger image!)

Hillside Gastropub menu


Hillside Gastropub menu 2


I know that I bitch about huge menus and I can appreciate a consolidated one BUT…this was just a smidgen too small?

Oh – our service, for our whole meal, was awesome! The server was great at promoting the menu and the food. You could tell that she really liked the food and that was nice. Plus, she was always right there and we never needed anything!

I smelled wings, so we got those as an appetizer.

Hillside Pub Wings 2


They were VERY good – and I loved the bleu cheese! It was homemade and delicious!

Since we’re both obsessed with fries – we, also, got a side of fries, to start off with.

Hillside Pub Fries


They were a lot like Penn Station fries, except they needed to be crispier. And, I didn’t love the ranch. Definitely not the greatest fries.

The husband got the Blackberry Grouper (it was on a special, seasonal menu)

Hillside Pub Grouper Blackberry


(Yes, I tried it) I liked the Grouper. I liked the blackberry sauce. I didn’t like them TOGETHER. The husband agreed with me – and, it was a pretty pricey piece of fish. (I guess that’s the “high” cuisine part)

I got (will wonders never cease!) the Sirloin with onions and peppers

Hillside Pub Steak


The steak was pretty good – loved that potato, to the right! The vegetables needed to go.

General consensus is that this was a pretty good meal. Would I have to go here again? No.

6 thoughts on “Hillside Gastropub – Cincinnati (Rybolt Rd.)

  1. I can personally attest to the fact that most of the food there is frozen and pre-made. “High class cuisine”…this is not. Most of the bartenders are sweet, and I only come because it is a walk skip and a jump from my home…but come on, why is Tracy the “bartender” still working there? She can never get my wife’s drinks right and has such a sour attitude. Tom, step it up already!

  2. Haven’t tried it yet, but “GEE YOUR BAND SMELLS TERRIFIC” is there on Friday, 9/19/15 so I plan to go. This band is awesome – play great 70’s dance music, plus they have a huge following so I hope the pub is up for it! Maybe we won’t plan on eating there, hope to bottle beer is cold, that’s all I ask. We’ll keep our expectations of the venue low, but the band.. they will rock it – GUARANTEED!

  3. Need to have a Schedule on this website for the bands that are going to play on Friday and Saturday

    I would like to know what bands are Playing

    Thanks, TIM C

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