Smokey Bones

Smokey Bones is one of those restaurants, that I’ve passed a million times, and have just decided against it. Mostly, because I’m just really over the whole BBQ mania. And, I assumed that’s all they had. I’m not sure what got into me, but on a whim, we pulled in, one day, for lunch.

There’s a lot of “fun” signs hanging around – and the atmosphere seemed upbeat. Our server was great and on top of everything!


You know I have a weakness, for fried pickles (even though the nachos looked REALLY delicious)…

Smokey Bones Fried Pickles

They were very good – perfect breading and good seasoning. Wasn’t wild about the ranch, though.

After much back and forth – and more, back and forth. (The desserts looked awesome – I thought about ditching lunch all together and just order dessert as a meal!)

The husband decided on…

Smokey Bones Pick 2

I believe that was a Pick 2 Combo – pulled pork, turkey, baked beans and roasted corn. Apparently, he doesn’t feel the same way about BBQ that I do. He’s been to Smokey Bones before so…he already knew he liked it.

The only think I was envious of, of his, was his garlic bread.

I didn’t just want to get a salad and I was a little souped out – so, I decided on Chicken Fingers. Yes, I’m truly a 5 yr. old at heart.

SB Chicken Fingers Better

They were…fine. To be fair, I’m in love with Longhorn’s chicken fingers. NO ONE can compare to those little strips of perfection! And, I didn’t like the sauces – that stuff to the right…NOT honey mustard.

But, these bad boys were awesome! Loaded Cheese Fries

SB Cheese Fries

Yum. As much as I’m opposed to BBQ, I did like the taste of it, on these! The husband might have attacked them, too.

Regardless of my feelings about the chicken fingers, I really liked Smokey Bones and I’d love to go back. Those little donuts are so calling my name!

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One thought on “Smokey Bones

  1. Can we be best friends? I just found this blog via your Destin trip report.

    There used to be a Smokey Bones near me, but it shut down, sadly. The last time I went to SB was actually when I was in Cincinnati for a Reds game. The thing that I really appreciated about it, was it is much different than the barbecue around my neck of the woods (Southern Indiana). Around here, barbecue usually comes “wet” and most of the time, I find it way too oversauced. I prefer my barbecue to be just lightly sauced. So, I enjoyed having a place that I could find barbecue served dry, and I could add my own sauce.

    Yes, the donuts are amazing. They are a must get anytime we’ve gone. One thing I also love is their cornbread skillet. I am normally vehemently against paying for things you would normally get for free (bread, chips and salsa, etc). However, the honey pecan butter is well worth the price of admission. I have found the recipe online, and while it seems easy enough and I am a pretty capable cook, I still haven’t found myself ambitious enough to give it a try.

    It’s not someplace I would drive out of my way to go to, but if I happened to be in a city where there is a SB, it would be on my short list.

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