Palomino – Downtown

Since the husband and I have been together for more than a year (and we’re married), Valentine’s Day isn’t a big deal. We exchange cards – and go to dinner. We TRIED to get into our fav, Nada, but with only a week’s notice, that wasn’t happening. We’re not very good planners, apparently.

He scoured some websites and found Palomino – I’m always up for something new so…made some reservations, with no issues.

Let me just say this…my husband and I are pretty intelligent people. (Or, I like to think so) However, we had a hell of a time finding this restaurant. Our GPS had it sitting in the middle of a parking lot. We were a couple of minutes late for our reservations but I really would have dared a hostess to say something to me. And, I’ll say it again – parking downtown is a bitch.

We were sat next to some numb-nuts – it’s like they’ve never been in a decent restaurant before. They grabbed a random (decorative!) bottle of wine, OPENED it and didn’t understand why the server took issue with that. It’s times like those that I wish I could shoot deadly lasers, from my eyes. But, thank God, they paid, shortly after we ordered, and a normal couple was sat next to us.

Because it was Valentine’s Day weekend, the menu looked a little different – there were no pizza options. 😦 Which makes me very sad.

I did get a yummy drink – a Blueberry Smash!

Palomino Blueberry Smash


It went down like Kool-Aid…which is why I only had one!

Every table got some bread…with a tomato relish of some sort with it?

Palomino Bread


The bread needed to be warm and I can’t say that I loved the tomato dip option. Seriously, instead of trying to be trendy, just give me some damn butter.

Good news! Lobster Bisque was the soup of the day!

Palomino Lobster Bisque


It had a fantastic flavor to it, but there were only 2 tiny pieces of lobster in it. Excuse me, will there be any LOBSTER in this lobster bisque?

BTW – our service was awesome (thought I’d put that in there before I forget!)

The husband and I have similar tastes so we, usually, order 2 things and just split those 2 things.

We got (special menu) grilled onion encrusted Tilapia – it came with Asparagus.

Palomino Tilapia


Absolutely delicious. Right down to the asparagus. The coating of the fish was amazing (and I’m totally stealing that idea), the fish was perfectly cooked, loved the sauce and the asparagus? Tasted like it was grilled on open flame. The husband and I agreed that this was the winner, out of the entrees!

Prime Rib with Parmesan Potatoes and Asparagus

Palomino Prime Rib

The husband liked the potatoes way more than I did. I thought that they were dry. The prime was really good – I know that prime rib is a fatty cut of meat but, just seemed (for the price anyway) to have a LOT of fat. See that big hunk, in the middle? It was good – but, I think the horseradish sauce really made it. (THAT’s what I was fighting the husband for – I just love horseradish)

I liked the atmosphere – I’d like to be sat closer to the window (overlooking Fountain Square) next time. And, from what I’ve seen, the wood fired pizzas look awesome. It wasn’t the best meal of my life (certain parts were VERY good) but I can see us coming back here again.

Palomino Euro Bistro on Urbanspoon


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