Teak – Mt. Adams

I’ll fully admit it – I avoid Mt. Adams like the plague. The parking situation is horrendous and because I prefer to have the least annoying dining experiences as possible, I avoid it. Plus, I’m 38, married with 2 kid – I’m just a smidgen out of the bar scene. So, it’s been a LONG time since I’ve been to Mt. Adams.

However, we were invited to go to Teak, a few Saturdays ago (it’s been like 10 years since I’ve been there!)…off to Mt. Adams us little westsiders went.

I was so worried about the parking but we got a prime spot – I guess the parking gods were smiling on us. 😉

Stopped at the bar, for a glass of wine – the bartender’s first night. She had no clue what beer they had nor had she ever heard of Riesling. BUT – she was pretty and blonde. (Being as I’m a blonde and fairly decent looking, don’t take this as being a hater). Such is life.

It was REALLY loud in Teak – like, echoing off the walls, loud. Had a lot to do with the party of 20 bachelorette girls, sitting behind us. They didn’t shut up, until food came and they were shoving it in their pieholes. Thank God for sushi.

My sushi take – I like sushi. I’m particular about the kind that I’ll eat. The issues I have are not with the taste but with texture. So, I’m not eating any chewy or rubbery raw fish/eel…just not going to happen. Salmon and tuna, I can do. Anything else, it better be tempura style.

Men and sushi – I don’t consider sushi to be a particularly manly food but…since my husband’s eating it, in this blog post, I better change my tune? My frustration really just stems from everyone jumping on the trendy train, whether they like sushi or are just pretending to like sushi (for the benefit of someone else).

Service was beyond slow (see Bachelorette Party) – took us about 2 hours to order, get our food and eat. Mostly to take our order and get our food. Painful.Very painful.

I’m so sorry for the horrible pictures – I thought I dropped my camera, into my purse, before we left. I didn’t – so, I was stuck with the terrible cell phone pics. It makes me sad, too.

Our friend’s appetizer – Sweet and Sour Popcorn Chicken

Teak Sweet Sour Chicken


Our Honey Bee Roll

Teak Sushi Ours


Loved it – but, it could be that I have a slight addiction (and so does the husband) to wasabi.

Friend’s lots of sushi (I wish I could remember some of them – I know that the Zombie Roll is in there, Who Dey roll, 2 other ones! The Who Dey roll was my favorite!)

Teak Sushi


Friend’s Pad Thai

Teak Pad Thai


Hubby’s Seafood Delight

Teak Mike's


(Psssttt – I liked his sauce better. Don’t tell him)

My Red Curry Shrimp

Teak Red Curry


Eh – mine’s better. Plus, the shrimp was tough.

I ordered a 7 and the husband ordered a 9…neither of our dishes were spicy.

We had a great time because our company was awesome. However, it was far from a good dining experience. The sushi was good but…there are a million other places, NOT in Mt. Adams, that I can get fantastic sushi. Not impressed.

Teak Thai Cuisine and Sushi Bar on Urbanspoon


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