Incline Public House

I think I’m the last westsider to eat at the Incline Public House – I told you all that I was a horrible westsider, didn’t I?

But, we, finally, got there, last Saturday.

I hear that the outside is hoppin’ during the warmer season (of course, Lord knows if we’ll EVER get to that weather, any time soon!). And, with this view, I can imagine that it’s quite the hot spot, to enjoy some craft beers, good food and lively conversation.

(Please imagine this picture with some sun, in it!)

PIH Scene

The menu is a lot of fun and I love that it’s simple and compact. (I told you that I get menu ADD when they’re like a novel)

I’m, also, a big fan of the jumbo water bottles – I’m a simple girl (and VERY easily amused)

PIH water

What to get? What to get?

I had a HARD time deciding – it was between about 5 things! Ugh – the pressure of being a foodie!

We all began with and shared a side of Fries (the boys are fry addicts – of course, they consider the crinkle fry, the master of all fries)

PIH Fries

They were good – nice and crispy…but they needed salt. Lots more salt. (and, maybe a fun dipping sauce?)

My husband got the Garbage Pizza

PIH Garbage Pizza

Yum. I “stole” a piece and it was, really, everything that a pizza should be. Loved the crumbled sausage and thin, crispy crust! The husband took all the delicious yolk, however. The hog.

My other friendly male diner got the W. 8th Street Pie

PIH Mike pizza

He dived in and it disappeared in a matter of minutes. Another fan!

My best friend got a couple of apps, for her meal – Fried Stuffed Olives

PIH Olives

We thought that they were awesome (it could be that we’re both salt addicts, though) However, $6 for 6 olives was a tad bit too much?

Creole Sliders

PIH Sliders

My friend polished them off. 😉

I got a couple of apps, as my meal, too – the Happy Amber Tempura Shrimp

PIH Shrimp

The shrimp were good – what you would expect from fried shrimp. The horseradish fig sauce = AWESOME. Of course, horseradish is one of those foods that makes my mouth water!

Andouille Corndogs

PIH Corndogs

These were the only disappointment, of the evening. I’m a sucker for some corndogs but…these were just huge hunks of sausage with a teeny bit of batter. I wasn’t impressed.

ALL of us really enjoyed our dinner – it was a laid back atmosphere, interesting choices and a good price point. We’ll be back. 🙂

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3 thoughts on “Incline Public House

  1. You need to travel to Kenwood and try Trio and Cooper’s Hawk (they aren’t our customers and I’m recommending them so they must be good!)

  2. Hi Princess – Thanks for the review. We’re delighted that Incline Public House joined Primavista in our neighborhood. Two first-rate places at different price points.

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