Quatman Cafe – Norwood

Simplicity. I really, thoroughly enjoy simplicity. I don’t like when a restaurant has a BOOK as a menu. I hate it when the list of ingredients, in a dish, is a mile long and you can’t pronounce or identify half of them. I like things simple and delicious.

A couple of Fridays ago, the boy and I trekked to Norwood, to visit Quatman Cafe (and, after, went to see God’s Not Dead – awesome movie!). His uncle got him a gift certificate (they share a mutual love of all things cheeseburgers) for Christmas so it was nice having my boy pay for our meal. 😉

There weren’t hostesses. Or menus. Just small diner type tables and a menu board, behind the bar. My son ordered a drink and it came in can form.

Quatman's drink

Since we knew what we came for, we didn’t really need to “study” the 6 items on the menu (but, they did have some yummy sounding homemade soups!). We both ordered a cheeseburger and fries.

I’ve noticed some other bloggers saying that they needed to order 2 cheeseburgers? Um, these bad boys are 1/2 pound of burger – how big do you need it??!!

Quatman's cheeseburger

Mmm…look at that cheese melt. Perfect.

It was a damn good burger. No fillers – just some salt and pepper. Perfectly cooked, still juicy, even though it was a BIG old burger. Did I mention that our food came on a paper plate? No qualms here – like I said, if it’s simple and not broken, don’t fix it.

The fries were okay – keep in mind, I’m a finicky girl when it comes to the fries. There’s a salt conspiracy going on in the world and I can’t get behind the movement.

My boy took his burger down. I got about 5 bites in and took the rest home. (the husband polished it off, later)

I liked that the owner and servers were chatting with all the regulars. I liked that there was a homey feel to the place. I liked that it was a place that you could “hang out” for good, easy food. I highly recommend this joint to anyone looking for an awesome burger – at a great price! The two of us ate for $15!

It doesn’t have to be pretentious and trendy to be awesome. It just has to be done right. Quatman Cafe has succeeded.

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3 thoughts on “Quatman Cafe – Norwood

  1. I love quatmans!!! I just went there like a week ago after a bball game! It’s also kinda absurd that they let you pour your own drinks 😉 overall the burgers are goooood but REALLY messy!

  2. Hey there – it’s Food Hussy here – I have an opportunity for a blog post for you. Could you email me or contact me on my Facebook page (facebook.com/thefoodhussy)?


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