The Eagle Food and Beer Hall – OTR

I’ve always been a smidgen odd. I was the girl, kicking daisies in the outfield, instead of catching the fly balls.–> Is that what they’re called? My nose was always in a book, even when it should have been in a TEXT book. My imagination is forever in extreme overload. So, I tend to buck the trendy. A lot of the foodies have flocked to The Eagle Food and Beer Hall in OTR (There is no website. Sorry. I know, I hate it, too) and have already reported back. I, however, wanted to hate it. But, I’ll have to admit the food sucked me in.

I took some pics of the menu for you. Go ahead. Thank me.

The Eagle menu 2

The Eagle menu 1

Do you see that? 2 columns. I can let go and breathe a sigh of relief. Simplicity at its finest. However, like I’ve said before…if your menu’s limited, you better bring it. (They had a crapton of craft beer – a couple of pages)

We got there at 5:30 on a Saturday. Yes, we knew it was going to be crazy crowded. I told the husband to hurry his ass up, in the shower, but he wouldn’t listen.

Our wait, for 3 people (we had the teen girl with us, too – she loves fried chicken) was 1 hour 45 minutes. Keep in mind, there’s maybe 10 tables in the restaurant so…not that “bad”. The girl and I strolled down the street to see what else was going on. The husband was scared of big, bad OTR and stayed where he was. There wasn’t any room for us in the “beer corral” either.

We chatted. People watched. My girl had a root beer and I had one of the craft beers (ace berry? Is that a choice?)


And, Maddie enjoying the root beer and scenery.

Maddie at the eagle

It was nice having our girl all to ourselves for a night!

And, I had another beer – the blueberry honey wheat, this time.

Beer 2 the eagle

I refrained from a 3rd because I wanted to be coherent when I ate.

About 5 minutes earlier than the quoted time, we got a table. It’s like the lottery. Even though there aren’t a ton of tables, the restaurant is gorgeous. I loved the brick decor and the wood tables.

We got sat at a 6 top so we shared a table with a trio of college boys. Since I’m not afraid to speak to strangers, I had zero issue with this. I don’t give a crap about sharing my feeding space with other eaters. 😉 Plus, they were fun and chatty and ate around town…a lot.

After having ample menu time, we were ready! Ready for the food overload?

Maddie and Mike split a 1/2 chicken 

I didn’t take a pic because I took a picture of MY 1/4 chicken (dark meat, baby!)

Fried Chicken

Please take note that the well seasoned fried chicken comes with a side of spicy hot honey.

One word – amazing.

The breading was perfect. Nice and crunchy and flavorful but yet, the meat was still tender. And, the hot honey? Holy crap, I could have funneled it. Who needed that baby spoon? I was dunking my chicken right into it! It’s sticky goodness was a little slice of heaven.

Mike was pulled into the French Dip –>he saw someone at the bar eating and changed his eating plan.

French Dip

The roast beef was nice and medium rare. There was a touch of horseradish (love!). I only had one bite, but it was good. Maddie and Mike demolished it. Seriously, the whole eating experience was like a feeding frenzy.

Our sides – we got the Mac’n’Cheese






The mac’n’cheese was super cheesy – creamy and had a hint of something (or a cheese) that I couldn’t quite get a grasp on. It was right there though, on my culinary tongue. Grrrr.

The spoonbread = fantastic. There wasn’t a single CRUMB left in that skillet. Mike started to take the last bite and Maddie and I looked at him with our blue puppy eyes and he handed it over. True love.

The fries – plain, they would have been average. But, with the herbs and the aioli, they became sublime perfection.

There wasn’t a bad thing there. In fact, it was all damn delicious. And, the bonus? Our food bill was only $43!

Our service, all night, was great, too. 😉

We left talking about how awesome our meal was – waddling to the car, discussing how much we loved the hot honey! Happy with our hands being just a little bit sticky.  I didn’t want to like the trendy but I ended up LOVING it. I can see why everyone is running there.

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